Cyclothymia: The See-Saw Mood Disorder - see-saw

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Cyclothymia: The See-Saw Mood Disorder  -  see-saw
With cyclomia mia, when you feel like you're at the top of the world, you'll have a short run of high spirits, followed by a low mood that can make you feel desperate and suicidal.Between the highs and lows of these cycles, you may have times when you are emotionally stable and feel good.The difference between circulating rhythm disorder and bipedal disorder is the decrease of intensity of high and low.
While these mood swings can cause you a lot of trouble, it's hard for you to deal with them on your own.The main treatment options for ring sleep are medication and psychotherapy.Some alternative drugs may also be helpful.
Symptoms the symptoms of ring thy are usually similar to those of bipolar disorder, but the symptoms are not so severe and the onset time is not long.1.Stage symptoms and symptoms of low mood may include: abnormal good mood or happiness (happiness), extreme optimism, self-swellingRespect, poor judgment, rapid speech, confusion of mind, aggression or hostility, inconsiderate of others, excitement, increased physical activity, risky behavior, crazy consumption, increased power impulse to execute or achieve goals increase, sleep needs are reduced, easily distracted and unable to concentrate.Symptoms of depression and episodes of depression may include: sad desperate suicidal thoughts or behavioral anxiety guilt sleep problem appetite problem fatigue loss of interest in daily activities concentration problem fidgety chronic pain no known cause it is not clear why ring thymic disorder.
Although changes in mood are irregular and sudden, the severity of mood swings is far from as severe as bipolar disorder.Unlike the bipolar disorder, mild ania in ring thymic disorder has not developed into a positive frenzy.In the actual frenzy, a person may lose control of his or her actions, continue to spend crazily, engage in high-risk sexual or drug activities --Act and become out of reality.
The hype period may be vibrant and a source of productivity, but it may also make some people impulsive and indifferent to the feelings of others, thus damaging interpersonal relationships.Because mild conditions feel good, some people with circulation do not want treatment.Hormone therapy includes a variety of cognitive and behavioral techniques.
Family treatment, help each family member to deal with the pain associated with the ring disease, and develop coping strategies.In addition, low-dose mood-safety agents, such as lithium and anti-Twitch drugs, are commonly used in the treatment of ring thy.Medication may help some people with cyclothymia to regulate their mood and prevent periods of mild excitement and depression.
Anti-Twitch drugs, such as lactic acid (Depakene), Depakote and carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Tegretol), are usually included in the medication ).Other anti-psychiatric drugs, such as vistone and ozolun, are useful for ring thy
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