Customer Meltdown at the Hearing Center - meltdown

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-17
Customer Meltdown at the Hearing Center  -  meltdown
Think about a hearing center that is about to open.It was a family.owned facility.As a result, the staff is mainly composed of family members, friends and colleagues.Everyone was excited the day before the grand opening, especially Lisa, who will be the receptionist.
She found it difficult to find a job for economic reasons.So, she is very enthusiastic."Guys, I can't believe Brandon is really going to open his own business," she said to some of the other workers as they made final preparations for the opening.This is great.I can't wait until we have our first customer.
"The next day, all the workers gathered at the hearing center about 30 minutes before the opening to listen to the owner's encouragement."Well, everyone, this is a very exciting moment for us, but we also have to remember that every day is not easy," Brandon said ."."Sometimes things don't go as smoothly as you planned, but we have to remember that customers are always right.
Lisa paid little attention to the speech because of her expectation.She is busy trying to fix the new office.After 30 minutes, the facility is officially open for people who make appointments and walkIns started coming in.Everything went well for Lisa until a certain customer walked into the door.
"Hi, welcome to the hearing center," Lisa said with a smile."Madam, what can we do for you today?"Yes, I came to see the audiologist," said the woman."Well, what is your first and last name," Lisa asked .
"Oh, I don't have an appointment," said the woman .".I thought your sign said you were going for a walk.ins."Yes, of course we will," Lisa said ."."Once we have a vacancy, we will be with you.
After about 15 minutes, the customer began to get impatient.So she went to the front desk."I'm sorry, I 've been waiting too long," said the disgruntled woman."Why have you been allowing these people who follow me to go before me?"Lisa was obviously upset to see the woman, and she sighed and tried to come up with a way to calm the situation down.
"Well, Madam, you are a walking man --"Said Lisa."It doesn't matter," the woman said loudly .".This is very unconsiderate.You need to learn how to treat your customers.
"But Madam," said Lisa, who tried to interrupt the Roar but failed."I will make sure everyone knows the bad customer service at this hearing center," the lady continued .".\ "I just want to get help with listening, and now I will write terrible comments about you on the Internet.
\ "When the woman walked out of the door, Lisa put her hand in her palm because all her excitement disappeared.She was absolutely not expecting the next day
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