Control Speed of the DC Motors - marquee

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-25
Control Speed of the DC Motors  -  marquee
The DC motor is a rotary motor designed to operate from a DC voltage source and the basic type is a permanent magnet DC motor.The other two types of DC motors are DC motors with series winding and parallel winding.These motors also use similar rotors with electric brushes and diverters.
The stator, however, uses winding instead of permanent magnets.The stator winding of the series DC motor is connected in series with the rotor.The stator winding of the parallel winding DC motor is connected in parallel with the rotor winding.
The series winding motor, also known as the universal motor, in a sense, it also works well when using an AC or DC voltage source, which is universal.DC motor is controlled by H-A bridge consisting of four power switches enables you to adjust the motor voltage and polarity using pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to control speed and direction.For many engineers, the process of debugging a servo motor is a mysterious black art.
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