commercial bounce house Selecting A Bounce House

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-15
At this time of year, one of the most common calls we get is what bounce house should we buy?There are actually 100 inflatable toys to choose from, each with its own use.To organize all the items, the first thing you need to determine is who the bodyguard will serve?The reason this is the starting point is that there are two types of general inflatable devices.First of all, you have a residence.This category is only available for children weighing up to 100 and is basically children under the age of 10.
The second category is Business.
You will find these at Carnival, indoor entertainment center or rental company.This will meet the needs of all other users weighing more than 100 or over the age of 10.As far as this article is concerned, we will only discuss the residential inflator as it is the most popular device purchased by parents.
Now that you know who you're going to buy a bounce house for, the next issue is the capacity.Capacity can be a bit confusing.When an item says it can hold up to 5 users, up to 500, you have to keep in mind that these items are only designed for kids under 100.more kids.Although we are in production capacity, it is important to note that production capacity is not a sign of quality.
These units are called constant airflow.
This means that the blower must be connected and operated at all times to keep the blower expanding.Due to the way these designs are designed, the number of airflow and blowers they work with will ultimately determine the end user.Now that you know how many children will play in the bounce house, you can focus on the actual activities provided.
The bounce house is an open bounce area.
We believe this is the most important item to choose to inflate.The jump zone will eventually decide how many children can lie down at a time.All the feedback we receive points to the bigger the better, the purchase of jumpers that you can afford and have a lot of space for will be decided.
The bodyguard slide combination indicates that jumpers and other potential activities include slides such as climbing walls, ball pits, or obstacles.In terms of entertainment value, it is important to understand that the function of the slides will not be the same as the rigid slides on a typical swing
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