commercial bounce house How to Make Your Own Inflatable Bounce House

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-09

Inflatable bounce house is a safe alternative to trampoline.They rely on constant air supply to inflate soft materials.This allows for additional high jump and soft landing.The house is usually closed for extra safety.To add to the fun, some houses can be combined with an inflatable pool.While people usually rent or buy inflatable bounce houses, you can do one at home.Select the type of material to use.Although Oxford woven cloth is not durable, the price is not too expensive.High-High-end Oxford cloth can withstand the harsh test of family use.PVC tarpaulin material is more expensive but more durable.This may not be necessary unless used in a business environment.Designed inflatable bounce house.Many different features including pool, ladder, stairs and elastic tree can be combined.Consider the size and usage restrictions.Be sure not to create a design that is too difficult and too longCreate consumption.Make room in the plan to connect the blower.Security was also given full consideration.Choose the blower or blower that suits your design.Consider the size, duration of use, material selection and related factors.Cut materials according to your design requirements.Please allow additional material if there are any errors.Sew materials according to your design.Use sewing materials and methods according to the fabric you choose.If so, please follow the manufacturer's advice.Be sure to sew the house.If not, the House may not be able to work or may be injured in the event of failure.Connect the blower to the inflatable bounce room.Connect the blower to the power supply.
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