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by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-04
Every year from March is a busy season for bounce house rental business, and every family and child can't wait to celebrate their birthday with a fun bounce castle.For parents with children or organization managers, they know it takes about $100 a day to rent a bounce house$180, but this price is not expensive for annual parties or events, and if you like, the total rent of inflatable bodyguards for several parties this year exceeds the purchase of a brand new commercial bounce house.So why not buy a high quality inflatable jumping house instead of renting over and over again?The question of $1 million comes: How much does it really cost to have a new commercial-class bounce house?Let's talk.
Inflatable bounce houses can be divided into residential bounce houses and commercial bounce houses according to their use.What's the difference?The commercial class bounce house is very large and very durable and is much better than a residential class inflatable toy, regardless of the material or technology used.The inflatable toys or game center inflatable jumpers you rent from the party company are commercial-grade, and the small indoor bounce houses that are common to young children sold in supermarkets are residential.
From this point of view, there is no doubt that commercial bounce houses are much more expensive than residential ones.You know that you are choosing a commercial bounce house for your child, and there are three factors in addition to the material related to the price, size, functionality and styling.It's a good idea to know some details of the bounce house so you can bargain with the manufacturer, and yes, it's better to buy a commercial inflatable bodyguard from the manufacturer.
The size of the inflatable bodyguard is too large to affect the cost.Manufacturers usually estimate the required materials according to the floor area and determine the final quotation, so you need to tell the manufacturer how big you want to jump the house.Regardless of other factors, prices can range from $13 feet to $500 for a normal 13x1000 bounce house.
For large models like the 20x 22 feet jump, its average cost can be between $1300 and $2000.The bigger the bounce house, the more expensive it tends to be.So you might want to know how much space you have and how big your favorite bounce house is.
The second factor affecting the price is the characteristic of the bounce house.For example, the so-called 3-in-1 5-in-The bounce house is designed with a wide range of rides such as basketball rings, obstacles, climbing walls, slides, cliff jumps.These additional features make the inflatable structure more complex and the price rises accordingly.
If you want to reduce the cost, you can ask the manufacturer to remove some unnecessary features and resend the quote.Styling means how your inflatable bouncer looks.A basic simple bounce house can be bare, the roof is flat, it can be pointed, and the more complex model can be designed as a fairytale castle, huge mushrooms and so on.
Fashion models have many beautiful cartoons that make them more attractive to children, so the average cost can be higher.According to the Sunjoy inflatable toy manufacturing company, the cost will increase by $100 for each additional cartoon.Therefore, the best way to reduce the cost is to remove decorative cartoons and beautiful digital print details.
Of course, when buying a commercial bodyguard from a Chinese manufacturer, more factors need to be considered, but there is no doubt that you will get a cheaper price than other suppliers.The best way to make sure you get high quality and affordable inflatable bouncers is to determine the material and reinforcement requirements before talking about the price.Other factors are customized according to your preferences!.
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