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by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-05
Bounce House, also known as inflatable jump throw, Moon walk bounce, bounce castle, etc.They are the most popular toys for children's birthday parties and are available all year round.Kids can jump up and down on the inflatable floor and are protected by a soft air wall that looks very safe compared to a skateboard.
But will it hurt the child?Yes, it can be dangerous if you don't use it properly.So if you take your child's safety seriously, read the series of safety tips below to keep your child safe while jumping.In order for you to understand the seriousness of bounce house safety, I am quoting some numbers here.
On 2012, the Pediatrics published a "American inflatable bodyguard, 1990-2010 \ "it was reported that more than 64,000 children were treated in the emergency room for injuries related to the inflatable bounce house.According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), in 2010, "a total of 31 children were treated with inflatable bodyguards in the US emergency department --related injury.Injuries include soft tissue injury, strain and sprain, tear, fracture, concussion, etc.
Obviously, everyone has to learn some basic bounce house safety rules because the kids use the bounce house at least once a year.Here are some things to pay attention to when using bounce house without a professional.1.Pay attention to sharp objects.Everyone knows that sharp objects have to stay away from inflatable devices, which seems like a No.
I'm sure you will of course keep knives and scissors with strong puncture abilities away from your bounce room, but there are more dangerous little things even if the inflation looks thick enough.Like shoes, jewelry, glasses and plastic toys.These objects may not pierce your inflatable surface very quickly, but they may cause injuries to children in the bounce house.
Operate the blower.
Another reason for the child's injury is the release of the bounce house.Since the commercial bounce house is very heavy and over 200, you can imagine what happens when the bounce house falls and the little kids are still inside.In 2013, three children, including a toddler, were rescued from the collapsed Bounce House in Washington.
The collapse occurred because the generator kept the house inflated and the gas ran out.Make sure you and other operators know how to operate the inflatable blower and keep it in shape.If you are using a power supply, it is recommended to use the "built in" power supplyGround fault circuit breaker (GFCI) \ "to prevent short circuit )\".
Pay attention to strong winds.
It was a disaster when the bounce house was blown away by the children in it.You may have seen a similar report.In order to prevent such accidents, in addition to properly fixing the bounce house to the ground, you must continue to observe the weather changes.30 -Weight 42 inch-Heavy duty metal piles should be used for any outdoor inflatable.
When the wind speed reaches 13-17 miles/hour, it's time to take the kids away and deflate your bounce house.If you don't know how to measure wind speed, here is a reference chart from the USConsumer Product Safety Council4.Stare at the child.While you may have noticed the danger of bouncing the house, you should pay attention to the other dangers of the children.
The recommended age for most bounce houses is at least 6 years old, and manufacturers keep telling users that parents should not jump in with their children (the children inside should be similar in size and weight), but to be honest, this may not happen because it's super crappy.For the kids, they get very excited after seeing a bounce house at the party.They may play rough with other children.The reasons for the injury include colliding with others, being pushed, kicked or falling on The Bodyguard.
The supervisor must stop the dangerous behavior of the child.5.Hiring professionalsProfessional inflatable rental companies can handle bounce houses for you, including strict installation guidelines, correct anchoring methods, weight and capacity limits, and operating standards, observations of local weather conditions, wait.They will follow the company's guidelines and will not violate any manufacturer's requirements, such as the maximum number of people or the rated wind speed of the house.
Usually they are certified or qualified and have the responsibility to insure.Make sure all D-The ring is nailed to the ground, continue to observe, review some common sense and safety precautions with the children, and the bounce house can be a fun and safe part of your party.If you need any manufacturer's safety rules regarding bounce house and other inflatable toys, please contact sunjoy and we are willing to help you.
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