Christmas Trivia for Adults - inflatable games for adults

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-25
Christmas Trivia for Adults  -  inflatable games for adults
To make your Christmas party a success, how about having some Christmas trivia for adults?
If you need questions about the game, please read the article below. . .
Every year, we celebrate Christmas with family and friends.
It took countless hours to prepare for Christmas, and many things happened.
During this time, you also planned a close Christmas party for family and close friends.
Guests will expect some games, right?
Well, there are a lot of options when you can play Christmas games.
One of my favorite games to play at the Christmas party is Christmas trivia.
Are you and your guests interested in playing trivia?
If so, then we should not wait any longer.
Here are some fun, fun, exciting (but simple) adult Christmas trivia. Take a look.
Although I have mentioned that these trivia can be played at the party.
However, you have had a quiet dinner with the people around you, and these problems will bring more fun to the crowd.
Play games at dinner, exchange gifts or at any time.
This is definitely one of the best Christmas games to play at parties or other occasions.
How many reindeer do Santa have?
What's the name of Santa's reindeer?
Which famous mathematician was born on Christmas Day?
What did we leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?
Rudolf is one of the most popular reindeer.
Can you tell me if he has any antlers? Who is Frosty?
Is Frosty a man or a woman?
What does L mean?
Can Christmas trees be eaten?
The tradition of Christmas, that is, celebrating Christmas and seeing it as an official holiday, was initiated by which state in the United States?
What do you do when two people stand together under mistletoe?
What are the two most common colors used during this holiday season?
What color jacket does Santa wear?
In the United States, which state produces the largest number of Christmas trees?
The star shining on the night of the birth of Jesus Christ has another name.
What is that name?
How many verses are there in the song "Twelve Days of Christmas?
You must have heard the popular Christmas song "I saw my mother kiss Santa ".
Where did "mom" kiss him?
In the song "I saw my mother kiss Santa", what did my mother do to Santa?
Do you know what the season is for the birth of Jesus Christ? A hint -it\'s not fall.
In Mexico, in order to get a Christmas present, what is the item that keeps the Christmas present?
What parts of the Christmas tree are edible?
Any other names?
What is that name?
On the day of the birth of Jesus Christ, 3 shepherds or 3 wise men brought gifts.
What are those gifts?
When Santa leaves a gift at your place, what do you not give him?
"Santa is here ". . .
Do you know who wrote this song?
What does English mean?
What song is this?
"On a cold winter night, so deep ". . .
This is one of the most popular Christmas songs.
I'm sure you know the chipmunk Alvin.
Do you know what he wants for Christmas?
There is a very famous Christmas ballet, which is the most famous at this time of year.
Which one is it?
Which country has a different name for Santa?
What is this name?
You may know that three shepherds (3 wise men) went to see the baby Jesus.
Can you name the three shepherds?
Who wrote the Christmas Carol?
Do you know where Santa is?
Is the Krauss still alive?
The elf Hebi in the song "Red Rudolf"
"What do you want to be ? "
What does he want to do?
Who doesn't like Christmas?
Who Stole Christmas? You remember.
Suz's story, "How did green steal Christmas? "
Where does Christmas wonder live?
Will the Postal Service (UPS) give gifts on Christmas Eve?
Which is Santa's favorite Christmas carol?
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