Chasing After Child Support - hire a bull ride machine

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-27
Chasing After Child Support  -  hire a bull ride machine
Child support is often a source. . .
Parents of minors divorce. . I . . . this.
I have been there. In an ideal . . .
Who is the parent. . .
Payment of child support is often the focus of debate between parents who divorce their minor children.
I understand that.
I have been there.
Ideally, parents responsible for the payment of child support do so out of love for their children.
Unfortunately many of our posts
Marriage is not ideal.
Many parents do not pay child support.
Some because they can't afford it.
Other parents are not willing to do so at all.
In the latter case, they hate to give money to their former spouse.
Bitter results.
The battle followed, and the Battle of child support began.
Every parent knows that the financial resources needed to provide children with everything they need and ask for are enormous.
Most single parents can't give their children everything they want.
I am no different.
When I did not get the agreed child support at the time of divorce, my response was very common.
It proved to be futile and tragic at the same time.
I borrowed money from my grandmother, hired a lawyer and sought child support with revenge.
I received a valid deduction form.
My ex-husband was sent to prison twice for failing to comply with the court's multiple orders to pay child support.
I was swallowed up by anger and I justify my anger by focusing on and trying to execute his responsibility.
But I can't control his behavior.
I cannot let him fulfill his duty.
In the meantime, I wasted thousands of dollars on legal fees, which left me nowhere to go.
This problem is the source of extreme pain and hostility between us.
What I have to say may shock you, but I say it from a painful experience.
If parents refuse to do what they need to do, all you can do is focus on yourself and your child to meet that need on their own.
When parents refuse to take responsibility for their children, you cannot change them.
Yes, this is wrong.
Yes, it's not fair.
Yes, it's for the children.
However, when parents choose to do the right, fair and just things for their children, it is only their choice.
No matter how hard you try, you can't force another person to fulfill their obligations.
Because when you do this, revenge will come in the form of revenge.
In my own case, when I could no longer ask my grandmother for financial help and still continue to try to enforce child support, I was sued for custody.
The motive is revenge.
I had no money to hire a lawyer to represent me throughout the custody proceedings.
As a result, I was rail.
I unfairly lost the primary custody of my child.
When it all happened, I felt like I lost my soul.
As a single parent, my advice to you is to do what you can to maintain open, cordial, and civilized communication with your former spouse.
Thanks for their contribution.
Don't seek more because you have the risk of losing everything.
When you rely on another person for the survival of yourself and your children, you are still the victim.
Victims of dependence
When you can use this time to improve yourself and your own finances for your child, your time and energy revolve around the victim of another person. Is this fair?
Personal responsibility for the performance of parental obligations is authorized.
It will give you a sense of satisfaction to watch yourself rise with pride, despite all sorts of obstacles.
Is it fair for another parent to leave with all this?
They can't escape by their own conscience.
If they don't give it to their children, they will find that their children are not willing to pay them back when they grow up.
You will reap what you sew.
For your children.
Do what you can.
Whatever they choose, let another parent leave.
In the end, they will find that they have lost the opportunity to share life with their children, and you will have your children when you are old.
It seems to be 20/20 vision afterwards.
I wasted my time, money and energy for the child's support.
As a result, I have two
The child I gave birth has access to every week. Is this fair? No.
This is a tragedy.
I hope you will not suffer the same injustice and pain again.
No matter what your ex-spouse is willing to give, say thank you and leave the rest alone.
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