Call for community commitment to trauma-informed care - meltdown

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-23
Call for community commitment to trauma-informed care  -  meltdown
Children suffering from complex trauma are an educationxa0Priority,xa0According to the chairs in the Northxa0Earlyxa0Yearxa0Hope to see the governmentxa0Commitment to traumainformed care.Trauma-Use of informed carexa0Trust-Based on intervention, is consideredxa0The best way to helpxa0Tasmaniaxa0Negligence Caused by compound trauma in children orxa0Emotional, physical or sexual abuse.Diane Nailon, president of NEYG, said the percentage of teachers is surprisingly high, helping these childrenxa0Call for more support.
"The teacher wantsxa0Support, but can't access it when they need it, just because there is not enough support ,"xa0MS Nara said."I know the department is doing its best to get this out,xa0I know you have to balance all funding needs, but we need to prioritize from time to time."We really need to admit that unless we get support now,xa0Children are very small, so we can keep adults out of control.
..A person who acts against society or against himself.The Ministry of Education has launchedxa0Strategy of happinessxa0To solve the problems of resilience, depression, anxiety and cybersecurity of students, but there are only some schools at present.xa0These resources are accessible.Welfare surveys are being piloted in 16 northern regionsxa0School, which will enable the department to see if welfare measures are effective.
Nailon MS said the use of this method in schools is good for both health and trauma informed practices."Teachers need to pickxa0The best strategy for each environment, but there is often only onexa0Methodxa0Usedxa0It is inappropriate in our school and in some cases.xa0For some childrenxa0She said.Behavioral management methods use procedural strategies based on the theory of retaliation or active reinforcement, but these strategies are usuallyxa0No.
xa0The workxa0There are complex wounds that resume combat or escape reactions under pressure."Stop destructive actionxa0Let the children think about alternative actionsxa0Not for those inxa0[And]xa0Positive reinforcement does not work becausexa0They saw other kids.xa0When to get stars and stickersxa0They are not.
MS added a DingTalk-Teacher off workxa0Training is not enough. On the contrary,xa0Funds arexa0Trauma Informed Care is required."Over time, we need a commitment to provide ongoing support to schools.
Teacherxa0Follow-up support is required,xa0People who work with them so they can tryxa0Feedback and keep it going.She saidxa0NEYG promisesxa0Raising awareness of trauma in communities and government agenciesAn informed network of people who need support
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