bungee run for sale How to Cut Church Pews

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-01
Churches are often renovated and old pews are for sale.Most churches have pews that are too long to be used at home, but can be cut off in about an hour.The church bench is perfect for hall benches or any place where you have space to use some old chairsWorld craft.
Pour the pew over and put it on the top of the sawhorses with the back down.Reach around one end of Pew and clip it on one of the sawhorses.By loosening and removing the screws fixed with a cordless screwdriver, remove the plywood support splint at the Pew end without the clip.
Plywood bracket plywood is an unprocessed plywood with a length of about 10 inch.Remove any and all screws that penetrate into the bottom of the seat.Pry open the four-point circle model on the back of pew with a chisel and remove any remaining nails with diagonal pliers.
Removing the four-point circle will reveal another row of screws;Remove all these screws using cordless electric drills.Now there should be no Pew center in the Pew Center.Hold the pew end with one hand, tap the end with an outward action, and when the Pew end falls off, grab it and put it on the floor.
Measure from the other side of the Pew end to the one you want the pew end to be cut.Pay attention to the seat and back extension to pew-End the route and calculate it into your measurement.Make your cutting line accordingly.Place the carpenter's square on the mark and mark it all the way to the bottom of the pew seat.
Extend the line all the way to the back and make sure your line doesn't go through the exposed screws.If the line intersect the screw, remove the screw.Go through the seat all the way along the edge of the line and run a section of masking tape along the back.
Hold the skill saw with the right hand, start from the back, support pew with the left hand, all the way through the seat.Move the saw to the bottom of the cut-Line at the bottom of the back.Align the saw with the cutting line and cut straight line to meet the cutting requirementsLine of seats.
When the cut-The falling pieces are thrown away.Pick up the pew end and slide back to the seat and back Assembly;The route should be exactly the same as before.Screw back the plywood gasket, replace all the screws formed in a four-minute circle, and finally use 1 1/4-Nails in inches.
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