bucking bulls for sale Chester stud set price record at last bull sale

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-16
bucking bulls for sale Chester stud set price record at last bull sale
Chester sold 25 bulls at their Westwood hotel on Monday and all of them were cleaned upxa0Mrs Archer said the average price was $8280."This is the highest average price for any company.xa0"This year we are selling varieties in tazhou," she said .
"It was well supported throughout the sales process and attracted intense biddingxa0From past and new bidders."It was a very pleasant end result for us and our sons Andrew and Sam.Aneika, Debbie-Lee and Whitexa0Bought the highest from fontehill in Melton Mowbray-Chester Patrick M119 bulls are priced at $22,000.
Same as average price results, top-Mrs Archer said the Bulls with higher prices set a record for a poll by Hereford sold at a Tasman auction."ANECA and her parents DebbieIt's been a long time since Lee and ChrisThe time supporter of Chester bull sales paid the Bulls a high price in the previous sales, "she said.Head Yavenvale Herefords bought two Chester Bulls for $19,500 in New South Wales.
Scott and Anna Anderson from Killala, Flinders Island have also been around for a long time.Time Chester sales supporters.The Anderson family bought four bulls from Chester and kuabby.xa0Flat nails and paymentxa0The price of Chester Decker 70 is $15,500.
New buyers in New Jersey and MA Monks paid $10,000 for Chester enforcer M048, whilexa0The Penny family from Frankfurt bought two Bulls for $8000.Elphinstone purchased from Burniexa0The four bulls of the two studs were sold for $7500.The Chester bull auction is held at the same time as the Quamby Plains sale here.
The Quamby Plains bulls also sold well and all 24 Bulls on Monday were cleared.The most awesome thing isxa0The main M903 of the Quamby plain, attracts MC and SJ Mauric $11,000 from King's Island.They also bought three more bulls from two horses.
Kevin Towns from Ellendale paid $10,000 for Quamby plainxa0The Second Bull, the Quamby plain of the m880 of Masi.TG and JE Klug on Flinders Island invested in four bulls from Quamby Plains for $6,500.The average price of the Quamby plain bulls is $6,500.
"This is another pleasant result for Victoria and Richard Archer," said Mrs. Archer.Bruce and Katrina Archer are now planning to go from stallion and halfRetire, leave the day-to-Chester ran for their son for a day.Their focus is on quality lamb, cultivation and commercial cattle farming in Chester.
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