bucking bronco game But What About the God in Me?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-19
bucking bronco game But What About the God in Me?
It's late at night.All around me are quiet and dark.I played a game.Static increases friction.The match sparks with the wick in the air bubbles of the flame, and the shadow dances on the ceiling.The room was filled with soft yellow lights.My eyes are adjusting and I can identify the edge and outline in front of me.
My mood is meditation and reflection.
Another year is coming to an end, and this year has passed by at an amazing speed.Ten, listed howCompared with others, selfHelp measures abound.There is a common commotion between us, which is to evaluate and think about what has happened.
Whether it's a birthday, a holiday, an important anniversary, we tend to mark the beginning and end of the paragraph as a bookmark ---The moment of memory of the totem carved in the sense of our existence.When I was sitting in a half-shadow by candlelight, I realized that I was not too happy with myself.I feel lost and wandering.I think I 've been treading water for months.
Swimming in the same tight circle, I felt tired.I lost the picture.Regardless of size, the screen in front of me is a blurry, static and undulating gray blob.There is no cursor to help me find my position, not to mention the next step.
Marianne Woodman, an analyst at Jungian, wrote that metaphor is a tool for transition.I know it's true, but, for the moment, I don't have an image.I don't have anything visible on my internal screen.
No symbol is calling me forward to remind me of who I am.There's no video tape showing that I don't have one frame after another.be-Show a new selfThe image does not need to be a text picture;There are areas of sound and feeling.
However, on the scale of motion perception, there is no strong feeling to pull me out of the bound self.I can't feel anything.No prototype shoes to climb, dance or run like a fleet --footed Hermes.It sounds like there's no voice pushing me forward.
There is no tone of harmony that makes me readjust to balance.I'm on every level.-floundering.When the word comes to mind, I rummaged over and over on a wooden dock, jumped off the hook and went nowhere, except for the final frying pan.It is clear that things are not so smooth.
I began to understand that I was in the dark of metaphor.Like a caterpillar in a cocoon, I was buried in a woven net containing me.I don't feel moving, no direction, no clue.
My brain knows that it's all part of the process.The journey of consciousness has its beginning, and the self constantly surrendered to the soul.At this moment, however, there is nothing comfort in this consciousness that is a blank new thing in front of me.
Strangely, I have also experienced dizziness over the past few weeks due to some ear problems.Vertigo is about your world becoming tilteda-whirl;you spin.As if you were standing on the rolling wavesWhen I tried to put my feet on the floor, I grabbed my mattress when my world was rumbling around me.
Oh, it gave it to me.
A feeling of instabilityThe symbolic meaning of this disease, handin-My apartment, struggling, untied my hands and grabbed my attention.The ears are all about trust.It is clear that Vertigo is about balance, and perhaps, when I ride the buc Golden Mustang of the stun horse, it even bears a heavy burden.Ahhh….A few clues to help me find the focus-They are good leads in this regard.
I have always appreciated the symbolism of what bothers me.I thank my body for teaching me, but I know there is more.I can feel the presence of something else lurking, waiting to surface.
As I sat in the soft light, I began to speak to God.It is helpful to speak.I allow all my worries and consternation to emerge.It's like a small stream.I go on and on.In the process, I felt like I had emptied all the surfaces, and I reached a point of rest as if I had swam deep into the pool and found something clear, bright waterIn that place, I said spontaneously, unconsciously, "but what about God in me?I feel overwhelmed in the solar nerve.
I couldn't breathe and was stunned by the words that fell off my lips.Words are heavy;They're like God's cloak.Ness is already on my shoulder.There is a process of screening and shifting in my presence, and I hear the phrase "the cathedral where I exist.The point of rest has become a bright spot to know.
I want to identify with God within me.
Everything has changed by doing so;All angles rotate.A brand new finished slide in place.Yes, my presence has indeed become a cathedral and, therefore, the same respect and reverence is needed.My thoughts and actions are not only filled with a generous heart, but also with infinite thoughts and actions.
Everything is possible.
Like a stun, I feel dizzy about this newly discovered land.All of this is perfectly combined.From my body to my mind to my soul, I am turned upside down, reminding me to trust, to trust, to walk in my cloak of God.I like to wear it.Feel warm, protective, respectful, serious and happy.
God's cloak reminds me that there are answers within, the mastery that needs to be tapped, the connection with all, and the opportunities for service everywhere.Thank you for your speech, God.I no longer feel like a fish leaving the water.©Copyright 2008 for Copyright Ryan McDowell.
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