bubble tent for sale Garage/Estate Sale Season

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-20
bubble tent for sale Garage/Estate Sale Season
This time of year, the weather is getting better and there are signs of garage/real estate sales everywhere.How do you make your sales stand out from all the other sales??Here are 10 simple tips to help you with your next sale!First, set the sales date in a few weeks (it takes time to establish a good sales ).Don't arrange promotions on weekends of holidayse.
Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.
Plan not to do a lot of shopping.
Remember that many people get paid around 1st and 15 a month, and try to arrange the time accordingly to get the maximum income.Second, there are plastic boxes or boxes from room to room.Start putting the items you want to throw away in the bin.
Take it out when it's doubtful.
Do I like it?Is it an acquaintance?it?Have I used it in the past six months?Really think about throwing this thing away.Do I love it?Is it a friend?Did I get married to it?Have I used it in the past few weeks and a month or so?Keep this item.Do I hate it?Is it an enemy?Am I divorced?Did I use it last year?There is no doubt that it is ready.
When you are in one room, you need a temporary area to keep all the items you want to throw away.The most common case is that the garage makes the most sense as it is the place of sale.When picking items to sell, make sure to wipe them clean before putting them in the bin/box (no one wants to buy anything dirty that needs cleaning ).
I also recommend pricing this item at that time (using masking tape or painter tape as it is easy to remove with Sharpie marks ).Don't bother with the stickers you get at the office supplies store as they are often hard to remove from the item, the point is to make it easier for customers.Third, figure out how you will setup your sale.
If you don't have enough tables, check if you can get a table from a friend, your church, or a local professional organizer (who might help you arrange the sale )?Having items on the table is easier than throwing them on a blanket on the ground, making it easier for people to bend over to see the items.Clean your garage if possible and try to set up a table in the garage (covered with plastic or fabric if possible ).You can go to a party store and get very cheap plastic desk covers for just a few dollars, or go to the local dollar store to see them because they often bring table covers.
Place sheets or fabrics on personal items you don't want to sell (you can always get cheap sheets in goodwill or Salvation Army ).Place furniture and large items in your driveway so they stand out from the people in your location.If you can buy or rent a canopy tent in a day, I would suggest it cover some outdoor items, especially if you live in an area that is prone to rain.
Pricing 4!This is the tricky part.
You don't want pricing to be too high, but you can be a little higher than the price you want (don't be too high, just a few dollars depending on the number of items) and post signs that the price can be negotiated.People like to bargain, so indulge.Remember, some money is better than no money. your goal is to make money and get rid of things.
You need to eliminate "this cost me .
....." Mentality, remember that the goal is to take the items out of the house and get something for it.The price will never be lower.25 or .50 cents.Don't mess with the price of a dime, five cents or a penny (unless someone wants to pay you with those prices ).I always recommend $1.00 box/Table,.Each customer has a 50 cent trash can/table and a free bin (it would be great if you had small toys like a children's meal toy ).
Get stuff (if they're interested ).
When it comes to pricing, try and-http://www.Salvadoran army in the Southorg/valueguide.) (Market value from low to high ).Of course, if you have a $200 pair of cowboy boots, you may want to sell them for $60 instead of $6.
00 (this is the source of common sense), but remember, be sure to price them at the price of the moving item, remember, people will try to convince you, so, ready to sell them for $40 and $50 just to make them disappear!The day before, I went to the bank to get a change of $170 for two people.$20.$50 a quarter.00 in $1.00 bills$20.00 in $5.00 bills$40.00 in $10.00 bills$40.00 in $20.Never try to sell yourself.This can be overwhelming, you should have someone to monitor the customer (because, yes, some people do try to steal) and someone else to take the money.Then, when things get slow, you two can exchange tariffs.
Also, it would be helpful to have two people working when you are really busy, as no customer should be ignored.I suggest you go to a hardware store and spend a few dollars on a practical belt with two pockets so you can leave the money on your body.If you receive large bills, take them out and store them in a safe location as soon as possible.
Also, prepare a calculator for everyone to make sure you don't get a short change (for you or your customers.Fifth -Put the things you like togethere.Electronic products, etc.).Remember to prepare an extension cord for people to try the electronics, and if the stereo device needs to, prepare the proper cable (if not set) before the sale starts ).People want to know if an item is valid before buying it.
Also, please take it with you if there is something that needs a battery (people once again want to know how an item works before buying it ).Then, please carry the tape measure with you for large items (you may have to measure it to see if it fits someone's vehicle ).Sixth, assist customers after purchase.Start saving plastic and paper bags as well as boxes in the weeks/months prior to your sale.
If you have fragile items, make sure you have foam packs or packed peanuts to make sure the items are delivered to their new home in good condition.The Seventh Sign to attract customers.If you have sales every year, I suggest you make logos that can be laminated (so you can use them year after year ).You can buy the standard garage sales logo with a stand and then buy some neon poster boards to cover the original logo.
Some colorful graphics.
Make sure your address and date/time of sale are sent out in a big letter.Also, don't forget the arrow pointing to where you are.Then, once you laminate the poster board, cut the bottom into a logo suitable for purchase, and tape the bottom so the moisture does not enter.
Be sure to check your city regulations to make sure you can sign up.The eighth-the advertisement that says the word./Craigslist.List all your big ticket items (including pictures ).
Sell your stuff.
Ninth, once the sale is over, you still have some items left and start listing the items to be brought to the donation website.This way, when you take your donation to the unloading center, you just need to get the receipt and pin it on your list so you can be prepared for the tax season.Happy selling!
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