bubble suits for sale How to Make a Human Slinky Suit

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-30
When "Human Slinky clothing" first appeared on the Internet for sale, it swept the headlines and became the most bizarre ten-list --The most expensive-Clothing doneThe demon costume is very delicate and smooth.Like the covering of the head, torso, arms and legs, it actually moves like slinky.But starting at $100,000, not many parties-The audience can afford the uniqueness of this dress.
It's much cheaper to make your own human clothing.Your may not be that impressive, but you will still see this section.Go through each hula hoop with a saw so that each hula hoop is an open loop.
Your slinky costume looks like a slinky fold with two rows of loops in front and back.Connect the rings together, from the opening to the opening, and connect the hula hoop into a continuous form.You may want to connect with masking tape first so you can adjust the overall size and length of slinky.
Put the body on the shoulder so the basketball will extend to your front and back and try to put it on and check the length.When satisfied with the number of basketball, glue is in place.Dry 24 hours.Paint the iron ring to ensure that the coating is thick and uniform.
Make sure you paint each outer surface of the circle.Paint silver for vintage peopleModern style slinky, or rainbow-colored.Dry 24 hours.Connecting the wire holder to shape the curve of the hula hoopWhen it is on your shoulder, it will tremble.
Cut the wire length with pliers and bend the wire to fit your shoulders.Tape the wires in place and try the slinky form again.Empty the iron rings and let them rest on your shoulders comfortably and naturally.
After satisfaction, remove the tape strips one by one and stick the wires where the tape is located.Dry 24 hours.Please pad the wires for comfort.Attach a soft layer of black foam or use a shoulder pad painted black.Put on slinky with black shirt and black pants to minimize the look of your own body sandwiched between slinky costume rings.
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