bubble soccer for sale Villa Corcos for Sale Owned by Alberto Sordi

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-03
bubble soccer for sale Villa Corcos for Sale Owned by Alberto Sordi
The sale is one of the most beautiful villas in the Cape Ciello of Tuscany, and it is well known that the summer residence of Alberto Saldi has been in existence for more than 30 years, and it is believed that due to the research done by Leonard's experts, the outrageous villa will be purchased by Asians.Future customers of additional luxury villas and historic Italian homes will be Asian.It is selling one of the most beautiful villas in the Tuscan Cape CATTI lion Chello, known for its summer home in Alberto Saldi for over 30 years.
This is a paradise on a cliff overlooking the sea, with the main building area of 9,690 square feet and 6,460 square feet of cottage Terrace in addition to two buildings and a park in its 43,000 s!FT.The Villa by Baron (pa si kui ni castle of Baron) for painter Vittorio in Cocos construction Sol, in 1962 buy and save to 1997 in 2003 died before of few years, he decided to sell it to an entrepreneur in Tuscany.In early 2000, the owners fell in love with castiglionello and the villa and did a great job realizing the historical and cultural heritage that the Villa symbolizesCompleted the greenhouse restoration of the smallest detail, the result completely retained the study of the actor and the study of the painter Corcos, the table, some personal items and photos of Saldilasting career.
Saldi's villas and other historical residences, including belonging to Mastroianni and Susso Cecchi D'Amico, castiglionello contributed as he became the favorite destination for Italian film's outstanding idol in the 60 th century.Other important villas are on sale and recently sold at castiglionello: "We sold Villa Pontello a month ago"Dimitri Corti explained that he was a young Florentine entrepreneur who founded Lionard's exclusive real estate company in 2008 and "also created ex Meschi villa last year ".The first was built in the 60 th century by the founder and chairman of the Italian football club Florence, Count Flavio Callisto Pontello;The second villa belongs to Luciano Meschi, a topographic scientist in Livorno, who sends home by printing various forms of telephone bills.
In both cases, buyers are from Eastern Europe
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