bubble soccer Beaconsfield will host the Childrens' Festival on April 20

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-26
bubble soccer Beaconsfield will host the Childrens\' Festival on April 20
Bubble football will be one of the many activities that the upcoming bikenfield festival offers for children.Birkensfield Youth and Community Festival April 20xa0Will gather groups from the entire North Tower state.xa0Children of age in the hostelIn addition to the bubble football gate of the Hope Christian Church, Launceston tornado, Launceston of the YMCA, Devil archery and bounce house will also be held.
The festival will be held at the bikensfield community center.The festival was organized by the Youth Advisory Committee of the West Tamar committee.Please contact council for more informationxa06383 9200.
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