bubble football game An Encounter With Occupy Wall Street Protestors in Asheville, NC

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-28
bubble football game An Encounter With Occupy Wall Street Protestors in Asheville, NC
I made a little trip this week and my trip started at a business stop in Asheville, North Carolina.I stayed there for one night and went to the city center for lunch the next afternoon.They found some Occupy Wall Street people next to town hall and I decided to walk over and see what they were for myself.
You may have seen some news stories about them.If you live in New York, you know, because they had a massive demonstration in the Wall Street area last fall and clashed with the police.After that, they rose rapidly in other cities in public areas.
They're not in my area yet.
In fact, almost no one in the place where I live knows them because there is not much media coverage of them.But when they do, they usually do it in a very sensational way, just like they report everything else.TV news likes to irritate you, make you angry and make them all scared so that you can sit there and continue watching, or you can be easily controlled and manipulated like that, believe in whatever they want.
Sofa potatoes are a bunch of obedient potatoes.I really don't know much about the occupied people, but I'm curious.It's a big thing that's been happening all the time, and I want to know exactly what's going on in this country.
So I talked to them in the past.
I want to know who they are, what they believe, what they want to do for themselves.I made this video to share my findings with you all.The media used a large brush to paint the followers and gave them a big label.
They say they are radical and dangerous.
They are a group of hippies and communists.They say they are enemies and must be afraid of them.I find that the Occupy Asheville group is made up of a variety of different people from all walks of life for different reasons.
Some people express their ideas there.
Others are there because they find it a safe haven when the economy is difficult.This reminds me of their scene at the beginning of the movie.In the film, a character played by Rodi Piper lost his job and met a shantytown camp that was stripped of his property, who went out for help.
He then stumbled upon a pair of glasses and revealed to him that advertising and media information were subconsciously programmed to make everyone obey and consume.If the economy doesn't get better and the middle class keeps shrinking, then more of the occupy Wall Street tent area will be like Hoovervilles during the Great Depression, in fact, one day there might be a bonus army parade like that guy Preston I talked to in the video, mentioned.You know, there's more in common between us than Ben Bernanke and Wall Street's international bankers who have ruined the economy and led to a real estate bubble and a 2008 share market crash.
Obama took office, but he never let those responsible for the collapse step down.They are still in charge of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the banking sector, and most of those responsible for poor management are rewarded by the company's parachute.Of course, this country is now carrying trillions of dollars in government debt, which may put us on the path of Greece, in part because socialism provides banks with a wealth of bailout policies.
They said they had to do so because the bank was too big to fail.But this is a lie.The government could have used the FDIC to pay depositors and let big banks go bankrupt.Then regional banks that are not bankrupt will be taken away by the police.
But the fact that these bankers have a lot of members of Congress buying and paying for it makes them afraid that others think they are indispensable.The politicians did not take any measures to improve the situation and did not bring about any real improvement.In my opinion, most of what Obama has done over the last four years has gotten worse, and I really don't think we can expect to do better with Mitt Romney, who is completely owned by Wall Street.
That's why I told Preston we had to stand up for ourselves.We have to turn off the TV, leave our home, go out and chat with your friends and others and do something.Voting is not enough.You must let others hear your own voice.Go to a local community meeting and let local politicians and members of Congress know what you think.
Make demands.
Play their role.
Don't be afraid of others, but talk to them.We have more in common with each other than with the elites who destroy the country.They need to be removed, but they maintain their power by dividing us into Republicans and Democrats or others.
But this is not a football match.
This is our life and these politicians will not do anything in any case.Stand up for yourself
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