bubble football Bubble Football / Soccer ~ What You Should Know

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-12
For those who want to pack their family with cotton wool or foam before allowing them to enter the sports field, this is a perfect sport!Bubble football loosely follows the rules of traditional football, scoring in two teams --It has never been allowed to touch the ball by hand.In this case, foam football is the same thing as bubble football.In Britain and Europe, football is often spoken of by Australians and Americans.
David Beckham.
..So no matter what game you call BeckhamPut the word bubble in front and people will know what you mean!Any football referee must be healthy.As the ball runs from one end of the football field to the other, there is a lot of running action, but Bubble football has much higher requirements for referees than regular football.As the only person on the court with free hands, the referee's role includes retrieving the ball.
When the ball is kicked out of the field, the referee will chase it and bring it back into the game.As foam football is becoming more and more widely known, attracting a large audience to watch, recycling the ball may involve less leg work, but when the ball is still in its infancy, no one around to stop the ball, bubble football is a hard job for referees.Two referees are helpful in any match.In addition to getting the ball back, players sometimes need a helping hand to get up.
Lee Moseley of Berkshire knell is considered the brain behind the bubbleAt least in the UK.Apparently, Li was an asbestos surveyor, but he left his job and started a bubble business.His company offers sports bubbles across the UK and he is currently hosting competitions and events across the UK.
Li and his wife should succeed.
After being rejected by potential investors, they themselves financed new businesses.There is no sign of their financial bubble bursting!Bubble soccer -Or Bubble football.Currently performing around the world in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.
The credit for the boom came from a Norwegian TV sports show broadcast on YouTube in 2011, which attracted more than 3 million hits.Who should not try bubble football?If you are overweight, you may be "stuck" by the foam ".Be careful not to run out of yourself if you don't fit.
The ball is heavy so you need strength and endurance.Those dizzy people.Balls roll.If you are claustrophobic, think twice before joining the team.The Chicago bubble Football League will soon have fun and will be very popular in the United States.
Other states, including Florida, have also started their own games.I have been told that American bubble football is very close to the traditional rules of football, with seven players and two substitutes in each team.Like most countries, the United States also provides activities for common countries.
Ed team MaleOnly games.
For adults who play traditional football, the length of the venue should be between 100 and 130 yards.FIFA rules also stipulate that the width should be between 50 and 100 yards.Each "half" is expected to last for 45 minutes without interruption.
..and the half-The interval should not exceed 15 minutes.The traditional football must consist of seven to eleven players.Now, let's evaluate how the three basic rules outlined above apply to bubble football.
Spend 45 minutes trying to cover a game field of such a large size, and even the players who are best suited to play Bubble games will be exhausted.And 22 bubble-Wearing a player on a field trying to track a small ball sounds like a recipe for disaster.You 'd better take the ball off and let your opponent play as much as you can.
In theory, it sounds great to respect the 17 rules of football.In reality, however, this is a big expectation.In a shorter period of time, a smaller number of players on smaller venues make more sense.
More interesting, less risk of physical discomfort and health problems.What exactly is bubble football?OK, this is good news based on feedback from actual players...You will laugh.It won't hurt when you hit the ground.Most of the time, you can get back up without help.
It's very satisfying when you manage to play.At the end of the game, you know that you have worked well.I dreamed when I was a child.So it's definitely novel and exciting.Did I mention you would be smirking?Before deciding to enter that bubble.
.To be fair, I should also provide you with negative feedback.Bubbles are hot.The bubble stinks.Before climbing in, it is tempting to wash the last player's sweat with a hose.Although it looks as light as a bubble, it is heavier than people think.
Claustrophobia is definitely a problem for some people.Then there are more laughs and warnings that you will smirk yourself.Yes, the positive side will definitely surpass the negative side, and the bright new look of the bubbles makes the game more fun for the audience.
I can watch bubble football for hours happily.It's much more fun than watching cricket or tennis.lol
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