bubble bath Rainy Day Activities, Tips, and Ideas

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-11
Of course, the best rain is a comfortable rain.I don't know about you, but I absolutely like the rain.This is especially true when I stay indoors alone and have the ability to do whatever I want.
The rain seems to make everything more comfortable and magical.You might think you're stuck in something terrible.But it doesn't have to be like this!First of all, I suggest you forget your to-do list.
If you have to go out in the rain, don't forget your lovely rain boots and raincoats, and the idea of putting the kettle in the pot for tea when you come back.Don't feel like you're stuck inside, but see the rain as a gentle encouragement and do all the unimportant things for yourself that you'll usually put off or put on hold.Let the day unfold easily and enjoy the cleaning feeling brought by the rain.
Snuggle up with a good book.
Pick up something you 've always wanted to read but can't find time or old favorites.Try to avoid the book you "have to" read, but instead read what you want to read.Curl up with your softest blanket and get yourself lost on the page.
Make tea.
The temperature drops when it often rains, so warm up with a hot cup of tea.Taste slowly and enjoy this moment.\ "Drink your tea slowly and religiously as if it were the axis of the Earth's rotation in the world --Slowly, evenly, not in a hurry to the future.Live in the present.There is only this moment in life.\" -3.Write a sentimental poem.It's amazing that rain can make all kinds of sounds.
Dripping water, light rain, splash, PA, snow mud.Listen to how the rain you are experiencing makes a sound and capture it in a short poem.See if you can include other senses by describing the smell, feel, look and flavor of the rain.
You are free to use your imagination and expand your scope of observation.4.Bake.Another way to keep the house warm and cheer yourself up is to eat some comfortable food.Choose a simple recipe that you already have all the ingredients.
Baking is also a great way to make your home smell delicious.Who doesn't like the taste of handmade cookies or freshly baked bread?If you're looking at your weight, give your baked goods to friends!5.Call a friend.There is nothing more than hearing a friend's voice to relieve the haze of rainy days.
Discover new things in each other's lives and just chat for fun.Maybe call someone today who might need a little extra comfort.I'm sure you both hang up with a smile.6.Engage in a hobby.Whether you like to be a model, play the piano, knit a sweater or paint, rainy days are a great opportunity to spend time on your favorite entertainment.
If you find yourself losing interest in a project, start again or continue to do something else.8.Watch childhood movies.Choose one you haven't seen in a long time.Chances are there will be some scenes and conversations in the movie that are on your head when you are young!Maybe you have a different impression of the film.
In any case, you will be happy to rediscover why you like it.7.Turn up the music.Play the music that best reflects your mood at the moment and be absorbed by the sound.Let your body move with music in a new, spontaneous way.
It's not necessarily a traditional dance music to move you!Let music touch you in the most natural way for you.9.Create a collage.Collect all the old magazines you don't mind and make a mini vision board in a hard background.This may be your dream home in the future, or it may be how you feel now.
Feel free to use text and images.
Enjoy a luxurious bubble bath.
Add a scented bubble bath and candles.
Close your eyes, listen to the rain and relax.Any tension is allowed to melt
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