bubble bath How to Make Your Own Spa at Home

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-08
How often do you relax?Really relax?It's what you do, not what happens when you're not busy.This is a gift for yourself, but it is also a necessity of life.While we cannot ignore the needs of life and the mastery of "progress" (synthetic pesticides and toxic pollutants) in industrialized societies, but we can clean and restore the mind, body and soul using simple, effective techniques used in health spas.
Using natural products can free you from chemicals and physical toxicity.You can spend an hour or two a week building your own home spa.Start with the atmosphere.There is only one room in your house and you can be quiet by yourself.
The bathroom is the usual option but it can be anywhere.Prepare the space for you in advance so you can relax during the spa.Clean, Clean and clean the space.It is not necessarily perfect;Don't look around for reminders.
1/2-The cup is baked with enough liquid natural soap to make the frost-Pour baking soda into a bowl;Pour the liquid soap slowly and stir until the consistency of the Frost is reached.Scoop the cream mixture onto the sponge, wash the surface and rinse.Now that the space has been cleaned up, start adding things that help to relax.
Body wash or bar, body scrub, moisturizer and green tea.Light candles, place them around you and the room, turn off or turn off other lights, and let the soft music take you to a peaceful place and make the green tea steep.;Papaya that cleans the digestive system;.
Other foods you can enjoy include sunflower seeds that help balance blood sugar and fatigue and irritability, as well as natural oats to soothe nerves.As a first step in the home spa experience, clean your body with a shower and be prepared for yourself.Use all natural body soap or gel to create a healthy, clean, non-toxic chemical body.
.Hair removal using any razor instrument or electric hair removal appliance.Rinse everything and prepare for a bath.Hot water in the bathtub;Maximum 104 degrees.Bath salt with softening effect.Bath Salt helps clean and detoxify your body.
Bath salts make the pH value of the soaked water higher than the pH value of the body, thus draining the liquid and toxins through the skin.Let it stand for at least 10 minutes, heat the tub, spread the bubble bath or Bath paper scraps or aromatherapy bath salt.Take care of your feet with your feet and create your home foot spa-of your feet.
Little hands-Smooth dry or healing skin from your feet.You can drop your feet into hot wax to relieve muscle soreness and fatigue on your feet.This hot wax treatment can be used before or after soaking.
And relaxing warm water.
Start with your face.
Your facial care system is good for all skin types.Make sure your facial care is made of natural ingredients.The face can stimulate blood circulation, remove impurities and toxins, remove the top layer of dead skin cells, and make the skin glow.
Using a facial cleaning machine can provide deeper care.Lean back and relax on the neck collar pillow and massage back pad to get all the benefits from the face.The next step in the spa is to recuperate your hair.
Deep conditioning your hair using natural hair into beautiful hair and healthy scalp divided into your shampoo and conditioner.Wash your hair for about five minutes and make sure you massage your scalp and clean your hair and hair.Apply deep conditioner therapy for dehydrated and damaged hair, even healthy hair.
The natural ingredients in shampoo or conditioner provide a balanced pH value, keeping the hair and scalp shiny and beautiful.Some conditioners even suggest leaving it on your hair and wrapping it in a warm towel to achieve deep saturation.Open the shower and wash your hair in cold water.
Apply a layer of body scrub to the body scrub to exfoliate your skin.It will remove any dirt or oil residue on the surface of the skin, remove the top layer of dead skin cells, while affecting the secretion and production of natural oils in the body.It also allows the skin to effectively absorb or react to products used in other treatments.
Improve blood circulation.
Scrub the whole body at least every week.
The Exfoliating should be done in a circular motion, starting with the feet and legs, then with the hand up the arm, down the back, and finally up the heart.It is usually best to rinse with warm water or cold water after scrubbing to further activate the cycle.Sit in your tub, tilt back again and relax on the collar to comfort your head and neck, then lean against the massage back pad.
Close your eyes and place a aromatherapy eye mask filled with lavender and flax seeds on your eyes.This product is especially good for people with headaches or constant burning, crying because reading causes eye fatigue, or staring at the computer for a long time.When you breathe in the aromatherapy of calm and detox, spend at least 20 minutes imagining drifting to serenity and discovering a self that is renewed, rejuvenated, regenerated and soothing.
Drinking green tea while listening to soft music is good for health.Gently dry the skin with a dry fluffy cotton towel and apply a 100% shea butter moisturizer.Applying a moisturizer will help absorb when the skin is still warm and moist.
To use shea butter, as it melts at skin temperature, rub between the palms, melt the butter until smooth and liquid, and apply.Shea butter may feel greasy in the first place, but your skin will absorb it and you will feel silky.To avoid the feeling of greasy, apply a small amount at a time.
Make sure that the rough area of your elbow and heel is covered.Wax Treatment immerse one hand or one foot in a paraffin bath at a time until it is completely covered with wax.Take your hands or feet out of the wax and wait about 8 minutes to install the wax.
Peel off the waxWax spa uses the heat of wax-The capacity is maintained by a simple process called heat transfer, which, as the name implies, transfers heat to the affected area.When the wax melts into liquid form, it has the ability to retain more heat.When the affected part of the body is immersed in a spa or bathtub, the wax that surrounds the area becomes sturdy and releases a Heat called "fusion heat.
Simply put, the heat involved in melting the wax is transferred to the affected part of the body.It reduces pain and stiffness around the joint by removing excess fluid from the surrounding tissue and providing lubrication.Cover yourself with two sheets of paperDesign casual clothing for the last part of the family spa.
Practice yoga for 15 minutes in a deep breath, or sit on a mat with a cd or dvd to practice yoga moves.It's peaceful and peaceful.-.It will help you find your inner self and help you find some peace in the tense world.Royal body massage royal treatment!Can bring about physical, mental and emotional changes.
Massage can not only relieve emotions, but also reduce blood pressure and stimulate the release of emotions.Increase the level of neurotransport, improve the lymphatic circulation, and speed up the elimination of toxins.It is also a form of injury rehabilitation and pain management.
Massage with aromatherapy essential oils and massage equipment.Self-Use a massage device or have your lover use a masseurApplication device.When your body is consistent and there is no pain, it is easy to fall asleep during sleep time.
It is important to choose the right pillow and stand for the neck, shoulders and back.The muscles of your whole body will relax and you can sleep comfortably all night.If you feel pain or even chronic pain, please choose the magnetic mattress pad available for painless sleep.
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