bubble bath How to Make Bubble Bath Bombs

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-09

Nothing is more relaxing than a bubble bath.It's also fun for children to have a bubble bath.Children and adults can enjoy bubble bath bombs.Children will enjoy "magic" when bath bombs dissolve and become foam, while adults will appreciate the handy single --It's a great gift to use the size.Cut a circle from a water-soluble embroidery backing about 6 inch in diameter.Scoop a small amount of powder bubble bath into the center of the circle with a spoon, approximately equivalent to the recommended amount of a single bath.Use store-Buy a powdery bubble bath or try to do it yourself.Collect the edges of the circle and be careful not to spill any powder bubble bath out of the circle.Twist the excess embroidery backing around the powder bubble bath to form a balllike pouch.Tie a ribbon around the twist to make sure it's in place.Bath bombs can now be used.Throw it in the tub full of hot water to enjoy.
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