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by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-15
Do you have a new passion for table tennis?Initially, you'll be excited to go to the game center to play your favorite game, but soon you'll want to have your own scaffolding so you can play it at any time.It is easy to build a table tennis game station because the required equipment is portable and the price is also suitable for each pocket.Table tennis is dominated by tables, rackets and balls.
tables are the most important tools in the whole equipment.So, first of all, let's discuss all types of table tennis tables that are sold on the market.You must have always thought that table tennis is an indoor sport, but you will be surprised to find that tables are usually divided into two types --Indoor and outdoor tables.
As a professional outdoor table, the indoor table does not occupy too much space.You can put them in any corner of your house or basement.For indoor tennis courts, you must look for the materials used and the portability of the table.
Generally, table tennis tables are made of pressed wood and fiber plastic.The thickness of the table is another important factor to consider, depending on the type of game, player, and occasion, the thickness ranges from 12mm to 25mm.The price of the table is also determined by the thickness.
The best table tennis table with the highest thickness is suitable for professional competitions and competitions.Table tennis tables are also divided according to their fixed and portable features.A fixed table is made of hard material and requires considerable space to be set up.
On the other hand, there are many varieties of portable tables.They are light in terms of materials, legs and nets.You can also choose the folding table, which can be folded from the middle, fixed on the wall and let you play alone.
Many professional players have such practice tables at home.Next, you can choose as many rackets as table tennis tables.Star rating, plastic and racquet rackets.Some famous brands can be trusted blindly because they are of good quality and durable, such as butterflies, Nittaku and Pisces.
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