bubble ball game Childhood games of the early 50's. Outdoor and indoor games we played at home and at school and how they kept us fit.

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bubble ball game Childhood games of the early 50\'s. Outdoor and indoor games we played at home and at school and how they kept us fit.
We had a great time at the little English church school in the mill town of Lancashire.Most children live near New Municipal houses or stone terraces.The best time of the school day is the game time.
In the middle of our school playground is a stone building without a roof.The school toilet is inside and open to elements.The exterior wall is perfect for ball games.
If you are smart, we fight against the wall with two balls and three balls.Children who find it difficult to make friends can always occupy their place with a small rubber ball;In this way, they are not as lonely as they are today.We also used the wall to make the handstand, stuffed the clothes into the underwear, and we poured most of the time over!One of the games we played was :-Ten aleri, caught the ball.
I think this game is played against the wall with two balls, but when you say a ball is under your leg.(I'm not sure if my spelling is correct.However, my sister thought we threw the ball on the ground!There are many different kinds of balls.You may have a tennis ball if you are trendy, but if you have the habit of throwing the ball, all you can afford is a crumpled thin rubber ball.
They have all kinds of colors;My favorite is royal blue.The only problem with these balls when we play near home is that if dogs run with them, their teeth pop them up!The best ball is the sponge rubber ball, which is pure black.The pattern on the ball is very cute, and every color of the rainbow forms the effect of marble.
Once the ball gets older, you can take off the sponge until you have no ball.Football is not allowed on the playground, but we can play catch with big rubber balls.It's three or more games.The one in the middle is the pig, and other players will throw the ball through the pig's head until the pig catches the ball and the child who throws the ball becomes the pig.
Other popular pastimes areWhip and top, marbles, jumping House and skipping rope.Tig â x80 x99 â x80 x98 Kiss-The farm in his study, the ring-a-The good ship sailed in the alley.We spent a lot of happy time with a small wooden Gyro;They were carefully decorated with brightly colored chalk patterns.
We then wound a narrow leather lace attached to a stick around the top to make it spin around the metal point at the bottom of the top.If you are really lucky, you can buy a larger top with a diameter of about 2 inch.This provides more space for chalk decoration.
Buying marbles with our pocket money is something we really like to do.Many girls are more interested in the pattern, size and feel of the smooth but noisy glass marbles in their pockets than in the game, but my sister really loves this game, and good enough on many occasions.It's really big. she has a lot of things like this.Rope skipping is very popular;We would skip by ourselves, or twos and twos, two turns, or a large group of people chanting salt, mustard, vinegar, pepper, jelly, teddy bear, teddy bear on the plateau, put everything around, girls, house rental, oranges and lemons, and more skipping rope.
?(The last name of the next child to skip) came in.please run out.January, February, etc., goodnight.Scare her away!Jelly on the plateSausage in the baking tray.With our skipping rope, we can play along the playground.
We'll also see who can skip up to 2 feet or 1 feet together.All these skipping activities keep us healthy.There are very few overweight children in my school.
Children have more freedom to play outside and we are not allowed to play in the House if the weather is good.Sometimes we tie one end of a long rope to the railing so that only one girl is needed to turn the rope.If we were at home, we would tie the rope to the lamppost.
Dead game at homede -Our Manor was built by parliament after the war.In April 1949, we were one of the first families to move into the manor.So far, 1951 of the houses have been completed and occupied, and they are very close to us;There are children in every house.
There are a lot of playmates.
we all played a lot of happy time on the grass in front of the house.We're still playing in a dead end.de-Opposite is sac, there is no traffic because no one has a car.My sister has three.She likes the wheel bike.She would love two-Wheeler, but mom said.However, she just borrowed her friend's bike and would run down the manor.
The boys made a small cushion with wooden boards and old stroller wheels, and sometimes let us ride on it.I don't want to ride a bike, partly because my mom thinks it's dangerous.I still can't ride a bike, ride a horse or swim.
My child once said, mom, what can you do?My answer is that I can take them to swimming class, horse riding class, brownie cake, Cubs, music class and so on!!!A popular game to play in a dead endde-Who got the ball, Quinn?One person would be Quaini, the rest of us would stand behind our hands, pass the ball and shout Quaini, Quaini, who got the ball?In turn, everyone will sing empty-handed, look, I didn't get it, and then the next person said, I didn't get it, along the route of the child, etc.When it is the turn of the child with the ball, the child will throw the ball down, which is a signal for everyone to escape.Quaini must catch someone, and then the child will become a new Quaini.
We have some little rhymes to decide who we are.Out goes SHE.Ip dip dash.Sir, when is it now?Wolf?Again, one will continue to answer our question, "when is it now, sir"Wolf?With a clock.Dinner time and I are going to eat you.We all had to run away to avoid being caught.
If we get caught, then we are the next Wolf..This is another popular pastime of singing.When we do the arch, it is very interesting to sing and then the two go down together.
Another similar dance game is the word;-him go.Our garden cottage is always full.On the other side.We like to dress up.Our box of clothes is perfect for the imagination.There are scarves, hats, fans, dresses, skirts, mesh curtains, handbags, high heels, necklaces, nurse suits, denim suits, clown suits and more.
Children, usually girls, often play in our house or in the garden, although the boys are allowed to come in when we have a concert.We will put the blackboard at the door of the garden and invite everyone.Come to our concert at two o'clock and have a drink only 1d.
Our stage is a path in the back garden where the children sit on the lawn below us.We hung the sheets and old curtains on the washing line of the theater curtains and the cottage was our dressing room.The dressing-The clothes were used very well, and the old clothes of the mother were used very well.
heeled shoes.
We studied at school.
We try to dance, and while we always have a lot of kids watching, I can't imagine what we look like!However, we had a good time and it kept us occupied for several hours in a row.Five famous in Enid Brighton..It doesn't matter that we are all girls playing this game, we don't buy dogs for Timi, but we raise our cat Tiddles.Our neighbors are as big as us, so our eldest daughters are Julian and George (Georgina) and the young girls are Dick and Anne.
We went all over the manor and re-interpreted the story.Maypole dance.around it.We used a sweeping brush decorated with colored ribbons.One man sat on a small stool with a brush, the others with a ribbon, then we all danced around the pole, wrapped the ribbon around the pole, then changed the direction and went to the opposite to undo the ribbon.
Great fun.
Became very popular and we thought we would be great if we could keep our HulaRotate around our middle.And a yo-Yo boom, I can't resist it even nowyo.Jumping a house is also very popular.There is a newspaper shop opposite the school next door to sweet shop where we can buy comics, balls, whips and tops, rope skipping, hula hoop, YoYo, nice ring, stamp, and hinge and attached to the tattoo.
We had a lot of fun playing board games with friends.And Tiddlywinks.Dominoes are fun and we love card games like happy family and Snap..The beetle occupied many wet days.But I have never learned to play chess.When we play with snakes and ladders, we will climb the ladder and walk down the snake.
next time we play, we will climb the snake and walk down the ladder.The game is still popular right now, but one adaptation game is the slide and ladder --Climb the ladder and slide down.If the weather is good, we always walk to school, a mile away.
We have a little rhyme which means we have to step on a full flag and avoid joining.Come to your wedding.It's easy to do this on the big paving boards, but some of the walking places are on pebbles smaller than our feet.The only way to avoid 21 points is that tipto walks through the pebbles with his toes.
This stupid rhyme makes us have a good time.My husband didn't know the rhyme and grew up ten miles from me, so it might be unique to my birthplace
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