bouncy ball suit How to Make an Authentic Maleficent Costume

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-30
Terrifying.Beautiful.Powerful.The ghosts of Marlene Felson, the shining Queen of Sleeping Beauty, and the nightmare of the dumbfounded princess and her large number of fans, never scared more people, nor did she, as she did todayThis evil queen knows how to enter.And this easy-to-As we all know, clothing will make you immortal for many Halloween in the future.So, go on, embrace your dark side and be ecstatic about a cursed, memorable night.
Take a piece of 8 inch by 11 inch black craft foam and spray both sides with spray glue.Repeat the second foam core.In your 3-Fabric in the yard, wrapped in foam with fabric so that it is covered.Trim excess.Fold the foam board in half as shown in the figure.
Do a line of hot glue from your 4-Folding foam in the middle of a piece of fabric hot glue in the yardPoint along a line at the top of the fabric.Fold the fabric in half and trim the bottom corner around the bottom of the Cape.Take the foam collar and roll each collar in your hand away from where your face is.
Using one 24-A 1-inch electric line is made into a two-angle shape of a continuous line.Connect the stator through the existing antenna spring.Wrap the antenna with an equal number of newspapers on both sides.
Cover the newspaper with tape and keep the horn shape.Starting at the top of each horn, wrap the horn to the bottom with a black ribbon tied to the bottom of the headband.Cover the ribbon with the coating of Mod Podge sealer.
Let dry and then cover with a second coating to get a smooth finish.Wrap the elastic ball at the top with a tape strip and use "x" to follow each side of the bar 2 inch down.Tape is slightly reinforced around the original "x" and at the bottom of the ball.
Cut off the "x" at the top of the covering ball.Tie the black ribbon to the top of the stick and wrap it all the way to the bottom of the stick.Tape a black tape for fixing the strap to the bottom of the bar.
Wrap a piece of tape long enough around your neck, wrap the cutting edge of the fabric around the back of the tape with your discarded fabric.Cover the back with another piece of tape.Add a velcro closure to the fabric neckline at the end.
For makeup, combine the lightest foundation you can find with green eyeshadow and mix evenly.Apply to your face with a applicator.Apply purple eye shadow and red lipstick.Add a widow peak with a black eyeliner.Put on the horn first, then wrap your head with a long black scarf and wrap it yourself.Wear black from head to foot under the cloak and you are all ready.
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