bouncy ball suit How to Make a Bouncy Ball with Glue

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-30
Surprise your child, make a bouncy ball with glue and give them a lesson about polymers.According to the home training tool, the polymer contains long string molecules that are connected together to produce polymer materials.The properties of polymer materials depend on the molecules contained in the polymer.
Homemade elastic ball is an example of an elastic polymer that you can make with basic home ingredients.Pour the white glue into a small container.If you are using edible pigments, add a few drops to the glue.
Mix glue with edible pigments with a mixing stick.Mix warm water and borax in another small container and stir with another mixer stick until the ingredients are fully mixed.Measure the corn starch and add it to the glue.
Add 1/2 teaspoon of borax mixture to the glue and mix well with the mixing stick.The mixture gets stronger when you stir.Pour the mixture in the container into the palm.Gently knead the ingredients with your hand and roll the ingredients into a round ball shape.
As you continue to work with the mixture in your hands, it becomes harder and harder to stick.Bounce the ball to the floor or ground.It should bounce easily.Store the ball in a closed container with a lid, otherwise the ball will dry
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