bounce house purchase 7 Things About Bounce Houses You Need to Know

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-10
bounce house purchase 7 Things About Bounce Houses You Need to Know
When it comes to renting an inflatable bounce house for your next event, you should be informed of all issues that may arise on the day of the lease.At NEO amuses, we decided to take the first step and create this unique list of the first 7 things you need to know about the bounce house.The topics discussed will give you a better idea of how we operate as rental companies and how we work tirelessly to make sure your next party is an age-appropriate one.
What happens if I rent a house?Our company will carefully check the weather forecast a few days before your event to get the most accurate forecast.Extreme winds can make the inflatable device unstable, so we will call on Wednesday before the lease and take appropriate precautions.Whether we cancel or you feel the party needs to be delayed, we are happy to provide a full refund or you can request the rain check to be used later.
Does the 4-hour rental include a package-Up?Our professional bounce house technicians will arrive a few hours before your event to set up inflatable devices for your event.Your four-hour rental period is the amount of time you book to guarantee you a full four hours of gaming time.If our technicians are busy on the day you rent a house, we will call you one day in advance and we may arrive four hours in advance to install the inflatable device.
Is the bounce house cleaned after each rental?All the staff of NEO Entertainment are proud to provide the cleanest inflatable toys in the industry.The whole surface is scrubbed and disinfected after each lease, so they are again like new ones.Your family and friends can rest assured that they will get absolutely clean rent for their children.
Can we hire you to supervise the bounce house?Of course, we have several staff at hand who can be hired on the day of your party.They can help the kids get in and out of the bounce house and make sure they know the rules so they don't get hurt while they're inside.5.Does the bounce house have to be inserted throughout the rent?Yes, the only way the bounce room is running is that the blower keeps filling it with air.
We provide heavy wire for each inflatable wire to ensure that the breaker does not pop up during your rental.6.Can the bounce house be set only-On the grass?While the bounce house is ideal for the surface of the grass, we can properly set the inflator on asphalt, concrete and dirt.We will not place the bounce chamber on the surface of the rock, because the friction on the surface of the rock will eventually go straight through the material.
We prefer grass just because we want your child to run around outside the bounce house on a safe surface.7.Can we rent a bounce house if there is no electricity in the park?Absolutely!One of our team experts will be happy to provide you with a generator rental service.The generator will easily inflate for the entire time you rent.
At NEO entertainment, we are a supplier of OH bounce house at kaihuojia falls.We are always ready to provide the required equipment for your next event.Give us a call today!
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