bounce house games Orange County California's Most Beautiful Park - Visit It For Free

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-08
bounce house games Orange County California\'s Most Beautiful Park - Visit It For Free
Orange County, California is one of the most beautiful places to live in America.There's a lot to do here and you can take a vacation without leaving home.The center of Orange County is Irving.According to FBI 2009, the city is considered "the safest city in the United States" and it also offers excellent schools, health care, job opportunities and housing development.
Owen has an average of 281 sunny days per year, which is no harm.Even in winter, the low point of the day will only drop to a high of 50.This left us a lot of time to enjoy outdoor activities.
I have lived in Orange County for more than ten years.There were two kids who basically grew up here and I saw a lot of our local parks.I think the most beautiful thing is the Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park in Irving.
The park covers 42 acres.
It features;A Softball Stadium, 3 other illuminated softball diamonds, 3 lit football fields, 4 batting cages, 6 lit tennis courts, 2 children's play areas, 2 licensed stalls in 1 open play area with access to bike lanes, 4 barbecues, 6 collective picnic shelters, 4 restrooms, water dispensers and power outlets.There is no charge for admission, and parking is free.Kids will love it here!They can play softball, baseball, play football, or enjoy all kinds of playground equipment in the park.
There is even a small section dedicated to a small theater and a water table.It is also an ideal place for family outings, parties or picnics.Between the grill and the power outlet, you can cook anything here.
There are several clean restrooms in all the different areas of the park for easy access.This is also a great place for birthday parties.The park can even bring you bounce houses for the kids.
Balloons, kites and airplane models can be put here.Pets are also welcome.The picnic tent is covered to provide shade.They also put a few wild tables in each.Note: If you would like to make sure to provide you with a picnic residence on a specific day, please make sure to fill out the application to the city.
Please see the website link below.
Unlike other parks, this park has beautiful scenery and hard scenery.There is a very high place where the American flag is proudly flying.It aims to welcome all visitors who wish to pay tribute to it.
I like this beautiful fountain.
it seems to be the home of the Wild Duck family.My favorite place though is a very quiet place in the park with a small waterfall.To enter it, you have to go through a tree covered by flowering trees.
Now that my child is older, I go for a walk in the park.This is a great place to exercise.My brain and legs are occupied.I like to see all the beautiful places, smell many different flowers and watch all the activities that are going on.A few days ago, the last time I took a walk in this beautiful park, the photos here were taken with my BlackBerry.
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