bounce house games Before You Bounce: Bounce House Safety

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-10
bounce house games Before You Bounce: Bounce House Safety
The bodyguard is essentially safe.Your child will jump onto the mat with soft colored walls and a mesh panel that will allow you to observe at any time.However, accidents do occur and are almost always caused by inattention or improper planning.Here are some important tips to make your event go smoothlyfree.
You may already know where your inflatable bouncer, slide or game will go before setting it up.Your area must be flat.You can't set up your inflatable device on the slope.• You will need at least 5 feet of the space in all aspects of the inflatable • Make sure there is no protruding branch or power cord that is too close to the inflatable • Do you have a sprinkler system?If so, make sure you know the exact location of the sprinkler and mark them for your rental company.
They need to tie your inflatable toy to the ground.The stakes are only 40 inch!Find the location where any underground gas, water or wires are located and mark the location.If you don't know where your sprinkler line is, or where the gas, water, or wires are, inform your rental company in advance so they can bring the right amount of weighted sandbags to ensure inflation.
Remove debris from the entire activity area, including sticks, rocks, toys do you have electricity available?Ask your rental company how many hair dryers will be used for your inflatable equipment.You should provide a separate 20 am p circuit for each blower (they will have the appropriate extension cord ).Weather forecast, slides and other inflatable devices cannot be used in bad weather.
In addition to the rain, the inflatable device is not safe if the wind speed exceeds 25 miles per hour.There is nothing your rental company can do if the weather is bad --Make sure you know their cancellation/refund policy if the weather is bad.In your event, once things start, you should have a yard or park filled with cheering, screaming children who spend their time in life.
Sunscreen: Kids will be bouncing around for hours and may not want to go in again.Make sure they have sunscreen!Follow the rules: your inflation will have a sign near the entrance with the rules set by the inflatable manufacturer posted on it.Learn about them and follow them.No shoes, jewelry, food or drink: anyone entering your bodyguard must take off shoes, jewelry, watches, etc.
This includes something as sharp as the key in the pocket.Anything that might fall out and blow up.It's safer everywhere and you don't want to deduct the repair fee from the deposit!Food, drinks and chewing gum should also be banned.Also note that stupid ropes cannot be used when inflating-chemicals can damage vinyl.
Divide the child by size: the most serious harm for The Bodyguard comes from mixing the big child with the little child.The bodyguard is flexible.Regardless of the temperament and intention of the child, they will collide with each other.Make sure there are only children of the same size in the bouncer at any time.
Rotate them by size shift.
Go out: the steps that came out of the bouncer were also inflatable and elastic, and it was awkward to go out.This is the most common area for bruised knees and elbows.Make sure there is an adult who can help people get rid of bodyguards.
Supervision: It's very interesting to jump, slide and climb, but you want to make sure things don't get out of control.A responsible adult should always look at each of your inflators to make sure things are under control.With this information in mind, you should be prepared to solve the problem smoothlyFree party or event.
We hope you enjoy your interactive inflatable and the attention it will definitely bring!
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