bounce house business The Truth About Bounce House Health Dangers

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-07
bounce house business The Truth About Bounce House Health Dangers
One of the biggest challenges as parents is to keep our children safe.Especially for small children, parents often provide proof to toddlers and actively look for dangers that can cause harm to their children.But recently, many imported toys have raised doubts about the toys our children play with because they may contain unexpected health risks.
Over the past few years, a large number of adverse publicity has been placed on the paint of selected toys sold on store shelves.However, even recently, there are some outstanding questions about the chemical composition of very popular outdoor toys such as vinyl bounce houses.Parents may think it is safe because the bounce house is made of vinyl material.
After all, no paint can hold lead.
However, just last year, the Environmental Health Center and the attorney general of the state of California filed a lawsuit against some major bouncing House manufacturers and sellers.This set shows that some of the bounce houses available for purchase have lead content 70 times the allowable level of lead suitable for human contact.The most worrying thing about this health risk is that with the help of the state-level attorney general, it has set up a non-profit organization, in order for these bounce house businesses to be responsible for the harmful chemicals they have put our little children to suffer.
Where is the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission when this happens?This problem will make many people think that bureaucracy at the federal level is wrong.To be honest, I agree with these people.Parents should be reminded that many of these inflatable bounce houses are still on the market, with children who are not suspicious parents playing every day.When people think that the Consumer Product Safety Board is not actually involved in a health threat to our children, the data on the level of lead risk in vinyl bounce houses is very difficult to find.
Therefore, it is essential for parents to be vigilant and regularly study the toys children play.The use of bounce houses is at the highest risk for children.New vinyl bounce houses are required by law to comply with the Consumer Goods Safety Improvement Act.
While it is expected that compliance with this law and actual compliance with this law are two different issues.In any case, the new rebound agencies in the market are now more demanding for lead exposure to children.Under CPSIA law, federal regulations require no more than 300 ppm of lead.
Since I am also a parent, I can confirm that we will do our best to protect our children.Nevertheless, the invisible danger is the most dangerous to the health of our children.With the apparent complacency of the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, it is more important than ever that mothers and fathers continue to follow up on any product recalls or lawsuits involving toys played by children.
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