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Recently, I have been thinking about how I have influenced my patients' ability to improve their quality of life as a gynecologist for the past 20 years.Our words, our thoughtsWe keep telling ourselves who we are.-Affect our health.Esoteric?Too general, not for me?The story always best illustrates this: One of my patients, a novice in my practice, to explain that the diagnosis provided by her dentist and her cardiologist cannot be explained to her, so there is no solution.
(Has anyone told you that there are some strange situations, but there is no known cause, so there is no cure?) Well, as I often do, I suggest that my Mary Poppins encourage my patients to make simple, minor changes in their lives, the patient remembers drinking 4 ounces of water per hour to replenish her beautiful body, as all metabolic processes in our body are carried out in solution (which does not mean coffee or beer, although this is not to say that these liquids have no pleasant place in our lives except for water );She was told that her gums were suffering a lot and that she was at risk of losing her teeth.From her cardiologist, she was diagnosed with "myocardial disease" (heart disease ).After laughing at my complaints about increasing her daily water consumption, she came to the place below and was excited to announce that both her dentist and cardiologist had canceled their diagnosis, surprised by her gums the strange situation in her heart mysteriously disappeared.
Are you surprised?Water.
Try it.
Sodas, Snapple, iced Arizona Tea, ginseng or all the sweet juices: water.The other patient I thought of told one of the most exciting stories: a young man in her 40 s, though, had a heart attack for years, limiting the fun and activities of her life.Due to physical limitations, she has resigned from her post with a heart disability, taking medication, basically at home.
When we sat down and shared her story, she told her that she was rarely raised from her mother when she was a child, recalling that her home did not bring her happiness, the clean environment and carefully prepared meals made her feel important.As a young woman, she is very sad, and when she grows up, she runs away from home and gets married to get rid of her sadness.Every year on her birthday, her mother calls her, but she refuses to call and makes her heart stronger.
.She realized that her mother did her best within her own limits, and on her recent birthday she accepted her mother's phone call and told her that she loved her and forgave her childhood.I hope you know what I'm going to tell you is: when she opens her heart to forgive her mother, she opens her heart to heal, and now she's out of her heart disease, she began to live happily and hopefully.These are just two of the thousands of stories I can share, but are you starting to understand?Doctors don't cure patients: We're just catalysts, cheerleaders, and they take the time to listen.
The doctor inside was finally awakened.
Helene B.
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