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Bob Hope in China:  \
Excerpt from the Laughing Man:the-Robert L. Bob Hope's incredible scene tribute to the gag writer (c) 2009Published by Bell Manor Media.Photo: www.laughmakers.blogspot.The complete audio version read by Com authors is available at: (on 1979, Bob Hope became the first American artist to perform for the Chinese people since Nick song and Mao Zedong signed the US agreement)China Trade Agreement of 1974.
The author is one of Hope's screenwriters, who spent a month there.--Shanghai is three weeks a week in Beijing.We recorded the stage.On July 4, 1979, at the Beijing Capital Theatre, in front of an audience of Chinese officials, foreign dignitaries, our Chinese special show clip (one of the few things that Chairman Mao allowed to include the word Capital), the United States.
Ambassador Leonard Woodcock, his family, staff and staff at the US embassy.About half of the language failures are Chinese and half of them are British.speaking.When the audience was seated, we waited in the background with hope, and through a gap in the curtains, we saw a dozen high --The leader of the Communist Party is sitting in the front row.
They're in a gray, loose suit, Wal-Mart.
They look like 80-It must be a hard community.Their face in line reflects years of proletarian struggle.Industrial Revolution and chain smoking.Looking at the mess of the Maoists, hope frowned.
“Look at them.
They can't even speak English and smile.
How do I laugh?"Don't worry, Bob," said Giggs, comforting."How many farmers can they clear?Millions.There are three outside.I hope to say, "You're right.What am I worried about?I survived the juggling.
"During the rehearsal that afternoon, we had to decide the most effective way to translate the material.First of all, we try to project Chinese characters on the big screen next to the stage, but ChineseHope, known as a fast reader, laughs before Hope finishes every joke, so we decided he needed a translator on the stage next to him.We called a volunteer and we got a good volunteer.
—Ten years later, Cheng Yinguo, one of China's leading actors, will play graced's Beijing mayor in the film The Last Emperor."Cheng's sense of comedy time proves that he is equal to hope, and he gets as much laughter from the Chinese as he wants from the Westerners.I rarely see hope happier.Laugh twice at a price.Hopefully the opening that night was not meant to divert our host's attention from the cold war: "I can't believe I'm really here, but it must be China.
Last night, I went to a movie called American syndrome.China Syndrome, starring Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda, is playing in big ticket houses in the United States and is concerned about the possibility of nuclear melting, a somewhat sensitive topic in China.But we laughed there, and remember, it was before the age of political correctness.
Hope to continue: "I have seen all the attractions.Yesterday I went to the Academy of Sciences and they gave me a job as an exhibition...Then I visited the Longevity Hall.I promised my insurance. I will...I like the Great Wall of China.Of course, I like things as old as me."Although it was hoped to be 77 years old at the time, until recently, lines like this would never appear in a monologue.
But he began to take pride in his senior year.Citizenland.Especially in China, age is respected.Two years ago, when he was 75 years old, Jim Lipton, the producer of this special program, and many others in his 1980 s, suggested that we celebrate his birthday on TV special every year.In 1980, 1981, and 1982, we celebrated at the National Military Academy, so his age is no longerRestrictions on writers.
In the first year, he quipped: "He is 75 years old, he is 75 years old ."--I lied to so many girls.Then we visited the Forbidden City.What opulence!Caesar's Palace without slot machines.At this time, Cheng turned to hope and asked, "what is Caesar's Palace?"The Chinese may be already in the dark, but as you would expect, the line is getting a huge laugh from Westerners.
Hope said, "It's a small place to take the money that the IRS didn't get.This is a very fast advertisement.But you don't see anything now.He continued: "I visited your marble boat at the Summer Palace yesterday ----Ship made entirely of marbleAt first they said it wouldn't float.And then Billy Graham showed up.Cheng interrupted his translator and asked, "who is Billy Graham ?"In the fastest advertisingI have heard of libs, and Hope replied: "Billy Graham is a consultant at Caesar's Palace.
This line proves once again how perfect it is.Hope is.During the rehearsal, we got the news that the Ministry of Culture removed the joke from the monologue we submitted for approval: "They had a glass of wine called Maotai here.Take a sip and your head feels like you're going through a cultural revolution.
Two drinks and it feels like a gangof-Four."We are happy to comply with and remove the offending material.After all, we are hitting the ball.500.We lost the joke, but we managed to get them to ignore the American syndrome.
—Probably because they don't know what it means.Excerpt from the Laughing Man:the-Robert L. Bob Hope's incredible scene tribute to the gag writer (c) 2009Published by Bell Manor Media.
Photo: www.
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