blow up water slide Solar System Projects: Mini Clay, Paper Mache, and Yarn Ball

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blow up water slide Solar System Projects: Mini Clay, Paper Mache, and Yarn Ball
The art Solar System model is simple enough for preschool children or advanced enough for older children, teenagers and adults.The three scientific project ideas in this article can be used at almost any age level as you can keep the creation simple or more detailed.The learning concept you add can be as simple as the name of the planet, or as complex as calculating the rate of rotation of the planet.
These are fun and cool space items that everyone will love.The artwork is very special as an extra bonus and you will want to keep it as a desktop or room decoration.My 12-year-The old daughter is a mini clay food artist, so I commissioned her to make a mini solar system using some basic clay techniques.
The method she uses is easy to learn.
Mix two clay colors to produce a marble effect (Neptune ).You can make it yourself using the instructions below.oven-clay tools* -* Young children will need adult supervision of any sharp tool.
Create the sun, the base, and eight planets as shown above.The chart below will give you the idea of clay colors and techniques that you may want to use to create your own designs.The planet will be connected to the flower line on the black base, so cut eight wires of rising length as shown in the following figure.
Connect Mercury to the shortest wire, and Neptune to the longest wire to accurately describe the distance between each planet and the sun.Each remaining planet should be paired with a wire corresponding to its distance from the sun.Bend one end of each wire up (about 1/2) with pliers to form a right angle so that it can hold a clay planet.
Follow the planetary layout in the picture below, or play around with your own design.Once you have decided on the position of the planet, stick the straight end of the shortest wire to the bottom and connect Mercury to the other end.Repeat the process for other wires and planets.
If one side of the model is tilted, you may have to rearrange them.Before baking, remove the planet from the wire and place it with the sun.Place the black base with the connecting wire on the biscuit paper lined with parchment paper.
Follow the baking instructions for the clay you are using.(We used Sculpey clay and baked it for 15 minutes at 275 degrees.Let the base cool, and then add the planets to the wires.
Put the sun on the cookie paper, but not on the base.Again, follow the baking instructions for the clay you use.(We baked for 15 minutes at 275 degrees.) Let cool.Once the solar system model cools, you can add the sun to the bottom.
For extra durability, you can stick it to the base.You can make amazing artwork with simple ingredients such as paper, flour, water, balloons and paint.Circular planets are the perfect theme for a basic paper mache.
Who doesn't like tearing paper, feeling glue and painting?It was a long and chaotic process, but the result was amazing.The finished product can be suspended from the ceiling of the child's bedroom.Make your own according to the instructions below.
Blow eight balloons for eight planets.
Make sure they scale!In a large bowl or tray, mix flour and water into a paste of gluelike substance.Add a little salt to prevent molding.Tie a rope on the knot of a balloon.Tear a magazine or newspaper into strips of different lengths of 1 1/2 wide.Soak a piece of paper in the flour mixture and wipe the excess liquid by sliding between fingers or between fingers and the sides of the bowl or tray.
Apply the wet strip to the balloon.
Continue to add the soaked note until the balloon is completely covered.Hang the balloon from the stick to dry.Protect the floor with paper or old sheets.Repeat steps 4-9 balloons each.Dry 24 hours.Repeat the process by adding the second layer of paper to each balloon.
Dry 24 hours.
Repeat the process by adding the third layer of paper to each balloon.Dry 24 hours.Draw each balloon as the planet it represents.The rings of Saturn and Uranus can be painted or made on the poster board.
(We drew the ring directly on Uranus, but the stripe ring on Saturn's poster board.Let the planet dry for 24 hours, then pop the balloon with a pin near the balloon knot.After blowing the balloon, write the name of each planet on the balloon to prevent mixingup.
Hang the planets in order to dry.
For the last layer of paper, use plain white copy paper so that no paint is needed.Metal paint and flash paint work well in this space project.If you decide to hang your finished project on the ceiling and use the fishing line, it is almost invisible!Yarn or thread balls will be beautiful holiday decorations, but they will also be a very cool planet.
To show off this decoration item, please hang the sun from the center of a large piece of circular cardboard.Hang the planet in orbit around it.Another idea is to hang them on a stake to keep them away from the sun.Blow up nine balloons representing the sun and eight planets.
Mix the glue with a little water in a bowl or tray to make it runny.Draw a balloon with a glue mixture.Carry a yarn around the balloon and fix it in place.With your other hand, wrap the yarn around the balloon and cross vertically many times.
Start the horizontal package and then package in all directions until the balloon is covered.Tie the yarn with the starting piece wrapped in the balloon knot.Leave enough yarn to hang the balloon to dry.
Soak the yarn-Balloons covered in the glue mixture.Use the brush to Pat and the area where the saturated yarn is thicker.Shine on the ball.Hang on wax paper to dry and protect your floor.
Repeat the process for the rest of the balloons.Dry 24 hours.Once completely dry, pop up the balloon with a pin or toothpick.Remove the balloon fragments with your fingers or tweezers.
To create the ring of Saturn, follow the steps-by-Picture of the steps below
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