blow up water slide LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Six: Miner Altercation

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blow up water slide LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Six: Miner Altercation
Chief Dunby was as painful as usual, and Chase McCain ignored his orders as usual.As a result of getting a hammer from the Blue Bell mine, Rex Fury managed to escape from the albatross island prison and Dunby ordered Chase not to follow up on the clues.Chase will do the same, of course.Go to Blue Bell mine!At the beginning of this chapter, you can unlock the ability to take the train, in this case, between the Cherry Tree Station and the Blue Bell national park.
Use your new Bandit duel collection.
Stroll through the park next to the police station, hop on the train and head quickly to Blue Bell national park., One on the roof (you have to assemble the trampoline from part to side) has one on the stump behind it (you can grab it by hand ).The mine is right next to the building, but it is blocked by the workers and they will not leave until the whistle rings --If you check the whistle, you will find that the valve is missing.
.Use it on the whistle and let the workers pack so you can get into the mine.When you step into the mine, the two mobs will detonate some explosives, but you can still move around the mine relatively unimpeded.A short road north of the entrance is the catch grapple point connected to the floating block;collectible.
After completion, break into the door of the North, click on the switch inside, take down a pile of wood and assemble it into a box.Move the box to the left and jump to the upper level.Climb the bricks here and grab-Swing to the right.
Break the equipment next to the miners, reassemble it into a slingshot, and send you to a shed with a few miners outside.In a cabinet.Put this on, go through the rocks on the right side of the cabin and get back to the ground floor.Now that you have the miner's costume, you can do more here.
Hit the stone under the rope you put down to the first floor.Under them.Take this handle to the switch in the right direction and plug it in.It will open a chute on it and will drop a lot of pieces.
When wearing miner's clothesYou can also find parts of the trampoline under the rock mentioned earlier, which will push you to an extensible wall covered with spikes..Take some explosives from the vending machine you just opened and put them in the bucket next to the huge bronze wheels in the upper right corner of the mine.Release wheels will send some rain tracks near a cart full of explosives in the middle of the mine that have been locked in place.
Assemble the track into a working track and you can roll the explosivesLoaded with cars into the silver rocks ahead.Kill both mobs who rushed out after doing this.There were more mobs in the next room, although they were easily knocked down.
Check the top-On the left side of the area is a vending machine, after the room is cleaned up, use explosives in the toilet near the edge of the cliff.Use these shards to create a springboard on the edge of the cliff and jump when you're ready (Chase will never be.Avoid objects on the way down the mountain, and try to go through the buckle to collect a lot of things while decent.
If you are careful, you will make a big profit.You will land in a big, empty puddle at the bottom.Climb the ladder, slam the equipment and rocks here, look for nails and bricks, and then slam the rock obstacles at the end of the tunnel.
Super Build.
To this end, in this area.
First check the red cottage on the right side of the entrance and if you break in you will find one there.Smashed on the rocks south of where you came in.You will find a scan point where you can follow a set of clay birds sitting on top of the trap door.
You can use on large blocks of yellow and gray near the entrance.Reassemble them into a block that can be moved to the upper level.Take out the mobs here and smash the rocks to the top.
Run to your right and skip the gap.
Rocking along the blue and white pipes, here a bunch of bricks are smashed to pieces for Slingshot.Stop here and destroy the prominent part of the yellow brick on the right wallWhat are they counting on.Fly to a higher platform with slingshot.Then pull the bridge to the left with your fighting gun.
Slam the small blue cylinder at the end of this path, find the part for the trampoline, and use it to reach the upper platform.from the wall.Bring it back to the fuse point on the opposite platform, ignite some explosives and open another path above.Be careful not to fall over as you cross the small bridge or you will have to start over!After jumping twice, you will be on another platform.
On the left is a bird that you can free from the cage, it is one of the four birds.On the right is another BRICS on the wall, and there are several swing jumps.Go to the right, climb up the ladder and find more BRICS to break and the other pole can swing.
..from view.
Put a hole in here and you will be back where you started.This should give you enough bricks for a cable car.(If not, bash everything in front of you before you get what you need.
Build a car and ride it over.
Of course, a clicker will throw things away and send you to an island.Make your way right.There is also a gold formation that you can't destroy yet, and when you go far enough, you will find a wall that you can climb.Be careful on the opposite Island, as the mobs above will drop stones that can take you out immediately.
Bird at the end of the path, waiting for one of the rocks to fall and start climbing up.Beat mobs at the top.(From here, you can jump to the exposed gold you saw before and destroy it, although you will lose some nails in the process.No huge deal?Check if there is a mine on the left side of this area that can be scaled with a fighting gun.
Arrive here at the conveyor belt to avoid any molten rock falling by the conveyor belt when it rotates.Once you're on your belt, jump carefully and continue to climb the upper deck.Along the road to a large open space, take out the mobs that fill it.
It's released.
Take out the crate and look for parts for an explosive vending machine that you can use to blow up the Outer House in the South.Reassemble the outhouse into a slingshot and use it to reach the boardwalk above the cabin.This will reveal the whereabouts of the stinking guy, the one you're looking for, giving Chase the chance to fight Rex Fury.
(It ends badly.
For your efforts.
You will also receive a new tip from Uncle Ellie Duke to meet a guy who is learning some advanced kung fu.If Chase wants to deal with Rex Fury, he needs them, that's for sure.More then?This section will assume that you have all the equipment you need to fully explore the mine.
There were five fires burning in the first area: three on the ground floor and two on the upper floor..Connect to the water siphon.collectible.After pushing the yellow crate to a higher height in the first area, you will find an electrical track that can be sprayed..Collection in the elevatorThe left side of the part with the cable car is the elevator.
Spray at the top of the elevator, grab a box of parts and assemble it on the green patch at the bottom.collectible.At the top of the cottage there is a chicken taxi point where the level ends.Use it to find an area with rolling rocks.
.The handling Union diverted you back to the end of the level.At the end of the level there is a drilling point containing purple bolts..Woo!
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