blow up twister Test Your Faith (Take the Quiz)

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-03
blow up twister Test Your Faith (Take the Quiz)
Strongly Agree--Agree --Disagree --Strong opposition-Improve your score and check the results.Good luck!1.My God is the only true God.2..3.Ensure salvation;Everyone else is lost.4.I tolerate other religions, but I really feel they have to convert.5.It is my mission to change the whole world.
as special.
I'm going to crash.
Even if positive action is involved, people must change for their own benefit.I was scared by other religions.10.If everyone believes like me, the world will be better.--A score of 10 points indicates that the world will explode at any time.
Pray very hard!--Between 11 and 20 points means that the world can explode at any time. However, it was not until 2012 that it was possible to explode slightly, very slightly.Pray hard!--21 points to 30 points means that there is a great chance that the world will not explode.
we will eventually learn to love each other.Yay!--On Earth after 2012, we will live happily forever!Cool.How did you score?No matter what your score is, rest assured that everything is just opinions and opinions are just thoughts and words.
Only when these thoughts and words turn into actions will our destiny be sealed.So be careful with your actions.Thank you for taking the quiz!
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