blow up twister Muscle Man Balloon

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-10
blow up twister Muscle Man Balloon
Muscle man is a very popular balloon sculpture because people don't want to see it.I designed it myself.It's something that adults like, even those who think they're too cool for balloons.I blew it up.Remember to empty a little before tying.Remember to roll your knot.This will allow you to have the maximum balloon length.
In photo 1, make an apple twist for the head.Push the knot down into the balloon with one finger.Catch the knot with another hand and catch it.
Then pull out your finger when holding the knot, just like in 2.After pulling your finger, twist the bubbles where you take the knot.This will hold the knot as in 3.After you wring, you can make the wring more stable by pushing the knot up back to the head.
If you really want to lock the head so it doesn't separate, you can tie an abandoned balloon in a twisted place.Make a neck bubble like in 3.Next is the weapon, Photo 4.To do this, nine bubbles are formed.This is upper arm A, elbow B, forearm C, hand D, pop-Foam E, hand F, forearm G, elbow H, and upper arm I.Then twist the arms back together at the arrow in PHOTO 4.
Bubbles B, D, F, H will all be distorted.
This is the so-called ear screw.
Make sure they are soft.
see how the elbow is screwed.
To twist your ears, you have to separate the small bubbles from the other two.This reduces friction and breakage.Pull the small bubble open and twist it yourself.For bubbles B, D, F and H you do the sameThen it will look like photo 6.
Like 7, make a medium sized belly.
Then make a small soft bubble for the first hip.This will twist the ears like the elbows and hands.Then make a second soft bubble for the second hip bubble.
The ears then twist this, as shown in 9, so that both hips are distorted by the ears, as shown in 10.For legs, you can just do two legs, or you can add feet as shown in 11.It looks better with feet, but it will be simpler without feet.
Therefore, bubbles A (legs), B (feet), C (feet) and D (legs) are made ).Then screw the legs together as shown by the arrow.The next thing you need to do is remove the remaining long tail.
End, let the air out until nothing is gone.Then tie the balloon down, trim the excess and hide the knot.Finally, go back to the arm.Bubbles in the middle of the arm are to be broken.
This will release the hand to be separated.When you do this, hold your hand when you pop upbubble.This will help to prevent both hands from being untied.
If the hands are really untied, you can blow them back and screw them down if you're careful.If you separate your hands again and divide them into two bubbles, you can reduce the chances of your hands unlocking.This makes it more durable but harder to do.
It takes more practice and more time.
After liberation of both handsThe rest is to arrange the arm bubbles so that the person looks straight as shown in 13.It's a pleasant crowd and you can have this balloon brought by people who don't usually bring it because it's unusual.You can make it with 160 and 350.313-292-All rights reserved.No repetition is allowed without explicit written permission.
DVD Announcement!DVD\'s is done!It covers four hero models.If you are interested in buying a copy for $20, just send me a message and let me know.Balloon man Andrew has only been a balloon for about 28 years.
So, he's still trying.
This requires a lot of patience.
That's why they called him Dr.
balloon (because he had patients ).
Andrew has been using balloons as his main source of income for years and has nearly a decade of entertainment experience in restaurants.www.canaanbaptist.), He shifted more attention to training and teaching.He made several DVDs showing how to make a variety of numbers from simple elegance to complex extremes.
Because he often works in crowds and restaurants, he emphasizes that sculpture can be made on the plane even if there are people waiting in line.Look at his pictures and DVD.Tongue twister at all levels have something to learn.You can contact the doctor.Yahoo
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