blow up twister How to Blow Up Long Balloons

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-16

Clowns or performers usually make balloon animals with long balloons.Their bodies are longer than round balloons, and sometimes it is difficult to explode because they are long and narrow.While hand pumps are available, especially for beginners or amateurs, it will be faster for professionals to blow balloons with their mouths and fasten them quickly.Some professionals can even blow up more than one at a time.Blowing long and thin balloons requires only a little knowledge and practice.Put the balloon between the lips.Don't put it between your teeth, only your lips.Squeeze the balloon about 2 inch above the lips with your thumb and first finger.Make sure your palm is facing out and away from your face.Blow up a small part of the balloon to form a small bubble.When you blow a few more inches, stretch the few inches you keep.Pinch the nozzle on your lips and take a deep breath.Blow into the balloon and try to fill it up with one breath.Use your stomach muscles, not your cheeks.If you use your cheek, you will only hurt your face and ears.Test the balloon with your free hand for any weakness.If you find a small part of the balloon, do not use it;It may explode before you run out of balloons.Blow until the balloon reaches the proper inflatable state you need.
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