blow up tents for sale Is Bigfoot Real?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-01
blow up tents for sale Is Bigfoot Real?
Is the big foot true?It is said that this creature is 8-10 feet high, no neck, eyes give red light in the light beam of the flashlight, the hair covers the whole body, a rotten smell will make your eyes moist, A scream will make your blood cold.For centuries, people have been arguing about the possibility of Bigfoot monsters living in the mountains, which will only scare people and steal things.Hundreds of sightings are reported every year, but how much is true and how much is a prank?If it is not proved in one way or another that the creature is factual or fictional, it is impossible to say whether the witness is true or not.
Thanks to people like Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi, we are sure there are people who will cheat everyone to make money quickly.But before we log out all the people who see or claim to see big feet, let's consider something.The medieval wild man is often considered hairy and has the character of man and animal.
They are often covered with hair except face, feet and hands."There's an obvious question here, why would medieval people lie about seeing furry creatures?What are the benefits of reporting these encounters?Secondly, before cameras and pranks, Native Americans accept and live in big-footed stories as part of their daily lives.The Legend of the Native American foot monster usually describes this creature as about 6-9 feet tall, very strong, hairy, uncivilized, often foulSmell, live in the woods, and often find food near the camp at night.
It is said that the Native American Bigfoot can not speak human language, and they will communicate with each other with whistles, purrs, banging trees and gestures.In some stories, it is said that male feet can mate with human women.In some local stories, Bigfoot may have some supernatural power.
-They can be invisible, for example, but they are always considered physical beings in the forest, not souls or ghosts.Why did our ancestors make this up?They are certainly not about making money, and many of the stories of our ancestors tell us that they were frightened by these giant furry creatures.If these stories make them so scared, why do they keep telling them until "modern people" start to settle in the United States?These stories have the ringtone of truth, is there no more meaning?Many of the things that aboriginal Americans see and tell us have proven to be true, why not?Think about the great pinnacle of the report, but the tribes of Africa are facts and later prove to be.
When you study the phenomenon of big feet, something always stays in your mind: Always use your common sense to figure out if someone is trying to pull your legs or make money from you.Unfortunately, there are a lot of suspicious people outside.For a recent example, consider the example of Rick Dyer.
For those who remember in 2008, he was the one who said he took a big foot and then tried to sell it to make money.Sadly, this is not the last time Rick Dyer heard "Big Foot community ".It should be emphasized here that when someone tries to "sell you" the body of the Big Foot or the story of the big foot, always use your best judgment.
You do research on people who are trying to tell you that they have evidence that Bigfoot is real, or that they have evidence that if someone has a suspicious past, their present may not be much different.Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are willing to lower their status by deceiving others to buy their fantasies.Another way they do this is to charge any fees to take you to the public park while you search for big feet;Why pay for things you can do with friends for free?.
Be vigilant but open-minded.
I hope that if someone comes forward and says they have credible evidence, people will be able to keep an open mind.Even if we are sure it is a scam, we should make sure it is a proven scam before judging the person or their evidence.To someone, unless they are a proven hoaxer, the benefit of doubt may mean that we have made one of the most exciting discoveries of the century.
I encourage everyone to be open to anything that comes up in the future
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