blow up tents for sale Burning Man Packing List

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blow up tents for sale Burning Man Packing List
The Burning Man is a big deal.It is held once a year in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.It's a festival dedicated to art, madness, fire and be yourself.It is also in a very difficult environment.
This means that what you usually pack when camping is not cut off.Not everyone should go to the Burning Man.Many people think that the party is for the party, but most people can't meet the requirements of the party.
They should go to clubs or other types of festivals.It will be cheaper and easier and they will have the same amount of fun as well.While attending burning people, you have to take everything you need to live in a harsh environment.
When you run out of toilet paper or water, there is no neighbor shop to visit.You need to use your brain to plan ahead.However, if you would like to attend, I am here to help and share what you need to bring to "things in the desert.Select what is most important to you from my list.
Take less and plan the pain a little.
Bring everything and stay comfortable in sorta.What you need is unique to you, so just take what's on my list as a suggestion.If you need anything in burning people, bring it with you.
You can't run to the store if you forget something.Once you park, you are not allowed to move your vehicle and there is no place to buy anything anyway.The only thing for sale in BlackRock is ice and coffee.
If you forget sunscreen, you are not lucky unless someone sympathizes with you, because an important factor in burning people is selfReliance, I wouldn't expect that if I were you.It's better to bring it with you if you need anything.A few things are listed in multiple places.
These are very important projects that I want to make sure you don't forget.There are multiple sticks, sunscreen, water and other items as you will use more than you think they should be waiting with you in the camp and in your backpack.Sunburn can spoil your fun, and cracked lips can start to burst and bleed quickly.
Be smart, have multiples of easy loss and important items and place them in multiple places so they are always handy.Burning people are held in the Black Rock Desert, Black Rock beach.It is located a few hours northeast of the nearest big city, Reno, Nevada.
Playa is a smooth and dry lake bed where sandstorms are common and if it rains you get stuck in the mud and the hot and cold can easily sweep down the mountains on both sides.You need to be prepared for the weather.Many people think the desert means hot and dry, while the Black Rock Desert more accurately describes the desert in extreme weather.The lack of vegetation means they cannot soften no matter the weather.
So it will be very, very hot when it's hot.It was very cold when it was cold that day.There is nothing to weaken the swept wind, which means it will pick up a lot of dust and hit you with sharp pieces.
It gets big and fast when the rain falls, creating huge muddy puddles trying to suck you in.The weather of burning people has changed a lot.It can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night.
Rain is rare, but it happens in different years.Sandstorms occur almost every year.What does this mean to you?You must be prepared for the heat and cold, the possibility of rain, and the almost certain sandstorm!The best way to avoid heatstroke is to avoid the sun.Hang out at the camp at the hottest of the day.
Don't walk around the hottest part of the day.Drink plenty of water, especially some flavored with lemon juice or coconut juice.I have fair skin, so I wear sunscreen and a sun hat (something with a strap so it doesn't get blown away) and often carry umbrellas when the sun goes down.
During the heat of the day, I take a nap, especially because "burning people" is much better at night, and I usually don't sleep too much.Good Sunblock!Most people think that the desert is hot, and of course it is hot, but many people don't realize that the desert often gets cold at night.You need to be ready for a very cold night.
When the weather gets cold, put on some warm clothes and turn your tent into a comfortable nest with a warm sleeping bag and a lot of pillows and blankets.You may also want a blanket to sit around the camp.2014 the burning people rained so badly on the opening day that no one was allowed to go to the beach.
Juplaya's 2015 passengers were hit by heavy rain and the car was trapped in playa a few weeks later.A piece of plywood under each tire can help prevent this problem.Rain on the Black Rock beach can cause the dry lake bed to expand rapidly and suck things down.
Driving or walking on wet beaches can cause a lot of mud to stick to it without falling off.Go out and play in it when it rains, but be careful with the slippery mud and don't try to drive anywhere!The wind is common on the beach.It is a vast and flat area with little wind to transfer.
This means there will be strong winds hitting your camp at any time.Don't leave anything that will explode around.Tie up your camp.When the sandstorm comes, find a place to wait.
Sandstorms will fill your eyes and mouth with sand and worn skin.Don't travel in a sandstorm.Carry dust cover and goggles with you.You don't know when the sandstorms will hit and will most likely stay away from the camp.The goggles should have no vents and rather decent vents.
If the ones you get have vents, tape them off.Most of what you bring to burning people will be what you use around the camp or what you set up the camp.But many people, even those who are good at camping, forget that there are a lot of places to cover in burning people.
This means that almost everyone has a backpack with them.The backpack should have all the supplies you need to hike miles in the sun and spend the night.Black Rock City is big!You will spend a lot of time roaming around away from the camp.
You may even decide to spend the night in someone else's camp or get lost.Plan on it.Bring plenty of water, your goggles, snacks, what you need.A hydration backpack of the right size Reservoir is the best.
Personally, I think the hydration package is almost a requirement.You need to drink a lot of water outside and it's easy to do so.Always fill your reservoir whenever you leave the camp.
Even a short walk can turn into a long walk.Also, don't forget to bring your cup.Burning people camp does not advocate one-off society, so you may need a cup to put in if they distribute drinks.So always carry your cup with you.Try to find a plastic cup with a handle and put a climbing buckle on your backpack.
There is no debate about the lid.
I prefer no alcohol because alcohol residue is easier to clean after sitting inside for 4 hours, but others like the lid so they can easily strip it without spillingI think it depends on how fast and how much you drink.Backpack (picky eaters!The Hydrating bag is the best.Camera (one-time waterproof is great.Battery-Toilet paper (porta-Remember when you were a child, mom wrote your name and phone number in your backpack in case you got lost?Yes, it's a good idea to do this again.
There is a label in the backpack that says your name, Camp information and location, and family information.This information will come in handy if you are injured or if the package is lost.Don't be a black man!The beach is dark.Very dark at night.The absence of street lights (except for a handful of volunteers to set up and manage) means that it is difficult to see anything in areas where there is no camp.
Add in super-Some of the bright lights on the camp and art cars, you have very dark patches and dazzling lights that make it hard to see.Therefore, do not walk around at night without lights, especially in the central area of BlackRock city.Make sure you have lights on both the front and back so that artcars driving on the beach or cyclists can see you before driving you over.
We'll call you if you don't give yourself enough light, assuming you want to be knocked down.Don't be an idiot and bring the lights and enough batteries to work.No matter what lightWhat you want.The glow sticks are not particularly bright, but they work very well.
Bring lots.
There are all kinds of glowing items outside.I really like el wire.When the battery is plugged in, it emits a bright light.It's easy to wrap it up no matter what you want to light up.
Although for instant plug and play, make sure you get el wire with the included battery pack.Light-Bicycles are important equipment for burning people.The Black Rock City is big and a bike can help you get around it.
Once you get there and get to your camp, driving is not allowed except for art cars approved by the mutation vehicle department.This means that you either need to walk or ride a bike to get through the city.Most people decorate their bikes because "burning people" is an activity about participation.
However, playa is very demanding on bicycles, so there are plans to do so.Bring the hex key, wrench, lubricant, whatever you need to keep the bike in good shape.Lights -In burning people, you don't need to wear clothing.
It's all about being yourself, clothing is usually an interesting expression, but they are not a requirement.That is to say, clothing is a good way to contribute.The Burning Man is not an audience event, which means don't stand on the sidelines while it parades to entertain you.
The Burning Man is about participation.
You must attend.
If you like to dress up, clothing is an easy way to participate and can contribute to the overall fun of everyone.Don't worry about gender too, wear what you want!A friend of mine, he likes to wear mumus outside.The other guy I know is wearing Patsy.Many people wear short rock skirts.I know I like men in sarong.Don't let the idea of society influence what you want to wear.
So is the lady.
Good Shoes (ankle is recommendedIt doesn't matter that quite a few people run naked around burning people.No one cares.However, if you plan to do so at least for some time, plan ahead.Bring you a towel.No one wants your light ball to sit in their seat.
You may consider being particularly picky about your bike seat cover.In addition, there are sunburn and skin irritation.Playa dust can easily cause friction burns, so you'll be more prone to friction burns and sunburns without clothes to pad the area.
I'm usually naked as long as possible, but I even wear clothes in "Burning people" because it's not too attractive to make a Red Lobster.Whether you're going to sleep in a tent, in a car, on the ground or in a RV, you need to plan your camp well.Setting up a garage on your tent or car will allow you to really sleep inside.
There are two or even three layers between your residence and the sun to keep the sun away from you.Tents and cars turned into small ovens in the sun and the garage made them better.Many people have added something to their cars in order to provide more shade and withstand storms.
Waterproof cloth can be used as the side of the car if you need it.Make sure to hang them firmly and then fix the bottom to the ground at a certain angle instead of straight down.It is also very important to camp.I like paracord, which is cheap and simple.
Don't use the useless tent stakes that come with the tent.Either pick up some better ones or it's better to use the steel bars.Rebar is available in Home Depot in a shorter length, either using it like the top lid or better (!) Bend the length of 2 into the shape of a candy cane so that they are not dangerous for those moving around the camp and are easier to come out.
I haven't said enough about this.
the steel bars in the shape of sugar cane are the best.Do not start to camp or dismantle without wearing working gloves.Playa dust will tear your hand to pieces and it's on everything.
Wipe your hands clean before doing any work, add lotion and put on gloves.Put your camp supplies in a few milk cases and you can use them to keep your cooler off the ground when they are unloaded.The air circulation around your refrigerator will keep it cool and keep your back saved.
Don't turn these things into rubbish on the ground.Various fastenersA small touch can make your camp more comfortable.Circle a bungee rope around the garage frame and hang your backpack on the ground.
Make a bike rack so you don't stumble over the bike.Some people bring foldable furniture.Our camp has a big round table surrounded by chairs.Perfect for playing cards and dinner.Don't forget to decorate your camp.Curtains and decorative lights make your place a place where everyone wants to hang out and it's easy to find when you get drunk and go home.
In burning people, most people either eat more or less than usual.It really depends on the weather and people.You probably don't want to do a lot of cooking either, so plan accordingly.
Some people eat MREs but the heat and salt are very high and very expensive so I don't recommend them.Some of the food for camping is good.Many people only eat canned Italian dumplings.Try to eat something that keeps you hydrated.
When ready for burning people, the freezer is an important consideration.I like to have two drinks, one is a drink that I often open, and the other is food that I only open when I want to use it.Ice is for sale on playa, but no one wants to line up and burn in hot weather and bringing ice back to camp is a hassle.
A little bit off the ground will allow the air to cycle around it and keep it cool.In addition to the water tanks for cooking, washing, etc, I also like to bring bottled water with me.When I was hanging out on the beach, I used my hydrating bag, but I noticed that I didn't drink enough in the camp.
These bottles are easy to track to make sure I keep moisture.In addition, it is also easy to add lemon concentrate or powder flavor to them.Usually I only bring a few and add with less waste.
Put a few in your fridge.
Dishsoap (if you don't bring more than oneThe beach was full of dust, so the plan was dirty.Luckily, playa's dry heat means that most people can't smell the real smell even if they don't have a shower for a few days, but we still want to feel clean.Most people have a small camping shower.But you can't let the water flow to the beach if you do the shower --You need water treatment.
This means either dragging it back or doing a gray water evaporation system.It is easiest to take the water back, but it is not difficult to build a small evaporation pool to allow the water to evaporate naturally.To make a very simple evaporation pool, nail some black plastic on the 2x4 frame to make a shallow basin.
Black will make any liquid in the basin warm enough to evaporate.Make sure the water in the small pond is never more than an inch deep.Then every few days or so, you can take a bath in the washbasin.
This system is not a lot of water every day, you need to use a more complex system for this.Baby wipes (this is my essentials!Playa is alkaline, which means to fight playa dust, it will irritate your skin, choke your voice, you need something acidic to fight it.Lemon juice.Mixing concentrated lemon juice with water to wash your feet keeps your feet healthy.
Beach dust can lead to something called Beach feet where your feet are cracked.Since I like to wear sandals and barefoot, I wash my feet with lemon juice in the water at least every day.Adding a little concentrated lemon juice to your morning water will clear any dust you might swallow and will eventually make you hoarse.
I just put a bottle of lemon juice concentrate in my fridge and added a skirt to my morning bottle of water.Easy-peasy.Vinegar also works, but concentrated lemon juice is more convenient for me.Small troubles at home can become problems on the beach.
The dry skin will burst and bleed, and the nails will cause infection.Indulge yourself a little and feel better.It will make your burn better.If you are cis-Female gender, just in case, bring cotton strips and cotton pads.
The stress of being prepared and participating in burning people can make your body abnormal, so you may be out of town or at least start your menstruation on the spot.You can't run to the store if this happens, so plan ahead just in case.Bring some ziplocs or diaper bags and throw away the trash as well.
Don't put them at the door-potties!Remember, you have to take all the rubbish home.Also, porta-Potty is usually fairly clean for a festival, but they don't wash often.Most women bring a urinating funnel so they don't have to sit in a disgusting seat.
There is even a urinal funnel camp where they make urinal using cups as a gift.Since porta-Potty is usually far from the camp and most people put a kettle in the middle in case they need it --of-the-night.Keep in mind that all incoming alcohol must come out.
Wash the playa off before going to bed every night and smooth on the lotion to prevent skin from cracking and drying.Good quality emulsion is used.Lotion (good thing!Baby wipes (don't throw them in the door-potties!Toilet paper (single)Ply is safe for portaNon-Translucent kettle (spray-The burning human world is not disinfected to protect you.You may get hurt if you play silly.In fact, they have a disclaimer on the back of the ticket because you might get hurt if you act like an idiot.
Don't be an idiot.
But bring a good first aid kit and some medicine just in case.Most people fall from the sculpture, step on the stake in the tent, stumble over guyline, or get injured in a common camping accident.You may at least cut your hand or hit it on something, so get some small first aid equipment ready.
If you are seriously injured, go to the center camp medical facility.Don't try to fix your own broken arm or something stupid.Bring what you need.Everyone has different health needs.Burning people stress can even upset the healthiest peopleSo it's a good idea to have some medicine.
No matter how manyYou need to sleep at some point.Make a comfortable and warm nest and have a good rest.Adequate and good sleep is one of the most important parts of enjoying the Burning Man.
Try to be stingy during the break and you will become irritable and eventually blow up the lid at some point.Get rest!Camp shoes (easy to wear half a shoe)Playa dust is everywhere, so be sure to plan ahead in case you end up wanting to have sex with someone.Bring baby wipes with you to make sure you're clean and comfortable.
Good lubricating oil is very important in such a dry environment.Don't forget the condom.Make sure all toys are not contaminated with playa dust.Condoms should be placed in a cool place so they don't melt.
Toys (waterproof battery)There are things that really hurt you if you forget, and most people forget to put them on their list.First of all, remember your ticket.You can't get in if you don't have a ticket.Someone once suggested that you take a photo with your ticket before leaving home.
It's a great memory, you know you have your ticket.Plan to Park by the side.The police have focused their attention on harassing the burner, so it is expected to be stopped.Bring your ID card, insurance and registration with you.
This also means that you may be in trouble if you have any medication.No, medical marijuana cards are not considered valid.Smokers should be prepared to deal with cigarette butts.
You can't throw cigarette butts on the ground.Don't throw garbage!Don't even use open-On top of the ashtray in the camp, because if the wind blows up and makes a mess, you have to clean it up.Most smokers carry small metal mint containers, such as those bought from Altoids, with them as sealed portable ashtrays.
Because sharing is caring for burning people, bring more wine and if you take people back to the camp you will share what you have.If you bring bacon, you 'd better share it too!Put all your items in a solid storage boxfitting lids.Dust will enter anywhere, but a good storage box will help to remove most of the dust.
I like to put things in the big ziploc bag and then put them in the storage box for extra tissue and protection.Music -One of the principles of burning people is that it is a gift economy.This means that you can't sell or buy anything in BlackRock city (except for ice and coffee sold in a couple's chosen place ).
Giving away the economy means encouraging people.Therefore, when many people like it, they will bring some small items to give gifts to others.Good idea to burn a man Gift: Chapel, condom, candy, bacon, cigarettes, sunglasses, beautiful hairpins, necklaces, fluorescent sticks, henna, blink toys, tampon, food your time, your art.
In hot weather, ask if people want to spray with a cooling spray.Don't just do the garbage that will be thrown away or that no one wants.Give carefully and thoughtfully.Never expect a gift.No one gives you anything.You need a lot of supplies in burning people.
Make things easier by camping with a few other people.Everyone contributes and brings some supplies, and you can even carpool as vehicle passes become harder to get.Whether it's one person or a few, most of what you need is the same, so make things easier by sharing the load.
Most people think that burning people is difficult for many reasons, and even for people who often participate, one of the biggest problems is that everything you take must be cleaned up and ready, and pack again next year.So, plan on it!
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