blow up suit Shots fired in Eaglehawk: Video, Photos

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-09
blow up suit Shots fired in Eaglehawk: Video, Photos
A 46-year-The old man arrested on Saturday during the siege of Eaglehawk has not yet been charged.Acting Officer Peter Dyer said police investigatorsxa0From Melbournexa0Today.xa0Processxa0The crime scene isxa0Hongshan court.
He said charges could be filed later on Sunday.He said the man will appear in the local court of Bendigo on Monday.Acting Sergeant Dale said the man was faced with "serious charges" related to gun possession, assault, explosives and life hazards ".
Policexa0Now it is believed that in the course of the incident, dozens of shootings occurred, and a male receivedxa0He had a slight gunshot wound on his leg.xa0At Hongshan court.xa0About 1.30pm.The man does not need medical attention.Until the site is processed tomorrow, the exact number of shots will not be available.Acting Officer Peter Dyer says the criminal will.
xa0Court session on Monday.
A 46-year-Oldxa0Men are expected to face "serious charges"xa0It has to do with guns, explosives and life-threatening lives after the siege on Saturday.Policexa0Claiming the manxa0He fired seven shots and threatened to blow up his property.Bendigo Policexa0Acting Officer Peter Dyer said their members were called home.
xa0After about two o'clock P.
in Hongshan Courtxa0The report said there were shots.Police tried to negotiate with the man, he said.Critical Event Response Team, dog team andxa0Special Action Groupxa0Call to help.
"We're dealing with a very angry male criminal.xa0He threatened to blow up where he was, "said Acting Sergeant Dale.The man was arrested at the age of six.25pm.Acting police officer Dale said no one was injured during the arrest.
"He has a little Molotov.
"The type of equipment that was disarm was found in the property," he said .".Acting police officer Dale said that a man wandering on Kirkwood Road during the operation was the son of the accused criminal.He said the police had spoken to the man but did not arrest him.
Acting police officer Dale said the police also received news of a man being shot dead in another location, but it is too early to confirm.The 46-year-The old man will be brought back to the Bendigo police station for an interview.He is expected to be charged later on Saturday.
Police told the media that about seven shots were fired in total.The man, in a property in Hongshan Court, refused to negotiate with the police in the first instance.xa0Andxa0Acting Sergeant Peter Dale said he threatened to blow up the property.
He is expected to face "serious charges" tonight ",xa0Said Sergeant Dai.The man wandering the street was told by the police but was not arrested or prosecuted.He was also escorted away from the scene without a shirt.
A 46-year-The eagle has been detained.
The man was arrested by police at about 6.They are currently being assisted in the investigation.Investigators believe no one was injured in the incident.
Police are believed to have taken control of the situation.UPDATE, 6.Police escorted a man on Kirkwood Road without a shirt.A mica caregiver has arrived at the scene.
Eaglehawk, a police operation, has reached its fifth hour.It's said to be the man.xa0Earlier today, a man in his 50 s was shot dead, and a man in his 20 s, considered his nephew, has been wandering on Kirkwood Road.A key response team has left the police barricades and went deep into Kirkwood Road.
It is believed that the key response teamxa0Andxa0To Kenwood Road.xa0No shots.He's the nephew of a man believed to have shot at a property near Hongshan court.xa0Earlier todayUPDATE, 5.The person the key response team is talking to has fled Kirkwood Road.
Other key response team members approached Redhill Court from other entrances.UPDATE, 5.The key response from police officials isxa0Close to a man wandering near Hongshan CourtThey're talking to that guy.UPDATE, 5.The media began to gather at the entrance to Kirkwood Road in Eagle Hawk.
Seven o'clock P.
: the emergency response from the police arrived at the scene of the Eagle Hawk operation.UPDATE, 4.Police have set up barricades in the water ditch and Peg Leg Road.xa0The entrance is alive.At Turnbull Street, there is no access to Kirkwood Road.
The police are blocking the entrance.
xa0Kirkwood Road with tapeDue to the danger of the situation, the police asked the media to move to the entrance of Kirkwood Road.It is believed that a man near Kirkwood Road has a 22-caliber rifle.UPDATE, 4.There is still a man wandering on the Kirkwood Road.
Police urged people to avoid the area.
Police are continuing to monitor the situation at eaghawk.UPDATE, 3.Police are continuing to monitor the situation at eaghawk.The man wandering on the Kirkwood Road got a pack of cigarettes after shouting insults at the police.
He stopped yelling since then.
\ "The police are currently at the scene of the alleged gun incident at Eaglehawk this afternoon.\ "Emergency services received a report from a man who opened fire near Hongshan court on or about 1.30pm."The area is blocked and the police are currently trying to resolve the issue.
"Many roads have been blocked and police have asked the public to avoid the area before further notice."For any further information, please call the crime hotline at 333 on 1800 or submit a confidential report website www.crimestoppers.com.A man abused the Police loudly.Update, 3.A man continues to wander the Kirkwood Road at the entrance to the Red Hill Court at Eagle Hawk.
Police continue to monitor the scene.
People were urged to maintain a blockade of the area.Update, 3.People who live on or around Kirkwood Road are asked to stay inside and lock the door.Update, 2.Several police cars were at the scene of the police operation at eaghawk.
You can see a man wandering on the Kirkwood Road.xa0About 200 metres from a police lane in front of Turnbull Street.Bendigo's advertisers heard two shots.Police are starting an operation at Eagle Hawk.
Members have blocked Kirkwood Road.
xa0In Turnbullxa0Street and sailor ditch Road.Traffic is not allowed in the area
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