blow up suit Lego for the big kids

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-09
blow up suit Lego for the big kids
Children may appear on the premise of playing Lego characters-It's like on the surface, but the thrill and enjoyment gained by playing Lego Batman 2: DC superheroes is entirely for the bigger kids.Of course, being the second part of a series means having certain expectations to meet-Strictly speaking, it should be better than the original.B2: superheroes have a lot to love and you realize that from the beginning.
B2: superhero is the first Lego game in the series featuring talking characters, and if you can call it that, it seems like a small improvement that makes this versionThe dubbing and vocal paintings are very delicate, and the dubbing is also very good.Every vocal track is perfect for every character, from the enduring Batman to the crazy, hilarious gibberish of The Joker.If you 've played Lego before, you'll know what's in the store --A lot of combat action, plus a lotSolve and collect special pieces of treasure (currency) and hidden.
The story is well thought out.
Batman's other self, Bruce Wayne, will be nominated for best man of the year in Gotham City, winning the highest prize against the evil giant Lex Luther.But Batman's number one enemy clown, when he and his happy Man Band (and a woman) rush into the awards ceremony and steal the best man of the Year award, there are other ideas to take away the customer's moneyOf course, Batman and Robin chase around and finally catch the Joker and throw him into the infamous prison, sheltered for the crazy criminal Akham.Soon, however, Lex Luther broke Arkham's Joker and all the other bad guys and set up an alliance to get Gotham out of Batman and all his friends.
And, of course, rule the world.
From the Joker, Penguin, Riddle man, Harley Quinn, two-Face, Catwoman, and of course Lex Luthor himself, there are enough bad guys to keep you alert throughout the 15-chapter campaign.On the other side of the coin, all the actors of the Justice League are on display, including Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, and the Green Lantern.If you accept the offer to buy downloadable content packs for heroes and villains, you can add quite a bit of content to this list, including Night Battles, Katana, Shazam, new Robin Black Adam, the black man Tower and the gorilla Gerrod.
If you 've played Lego before, you'll know what you're doing from the start.These puzzles are unique for Batman games because in many cases you need to change your character to a different suit to use their specific strength to blow up the wall, or climb the metal wall with a Robins magnetic suit.There are a lot of suitable clothes to wear-All of this brings new capabilities to your character.
There are also some specific characters that vehicles can drive.The game world itself is an open plan, which means that all Gotham City is your stage, there are a lot of upset citizens who need to be saved, and there are bad guys who need to be dispatched.From a graphical point of view, Batman 2 is fantastic, everything is built with Lego blocks, very smart and very creative.
One of the main problems with Batman 2 is when you deal with the game on your own.Your partner, especially the AI that controls him or her, is likely to rank with the worst AI in any local game.Playing with a second human player is a better, less frustrating experience, although it is annoying to lack the online multiplayer option.
Lego Batman2: DC superhero is a fun, witty, intelligent, sometimes a bit challenging experience and easily won the award for the best Lego games in the franchise, it seems to be a perfect combination of puzzle solving and fighting
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