blow up suit 30 Quick and Easy Kids Costumes

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-26
blow up suit 30 Quick and Easy Kids Costumes
When Halloween costume is your dad's old shirt and hat, and burnt cork beard, what happened on "nice ol" day?Children's costumes don't have to be complicated for the sake of being cute!These quick and easy outfits start with some simple materials like hoodie, sweat pants, posterboard, craft foam, felt, facial paint and a little imagination.Cover a large box with colored wrapping paper.Make a hole in the bottom and reverse on the child's head.
Add many matching ribbons to the child's hair.Paint the two big boxes White and add black spots on each side to indicate a pair of dice.Dig a hole in the bottom and put it upside down on the child's head.
You need a friend for this!Cover a large box with white butcher's paper.Add wide red stripes with marks or colored paper.Make a hole in the child's head.Stick some popcorn with hot glue on top of the box.
Wear red or white tights or trousers.
Another simple and quick idea for children's clothing is "placard clothing" in which the child is wearing a hooded sweatshirt and pulling the front and back cardboard panel (placardShape the placard (the poster board works fine) according to the needs of the required garment and design it with a marker or felt piece.M & M (two kids of different height can be "normal" and "Peanuts "!Yellow sweat suitNail craft foam petals end to end on a wide ribbon and tie on the child's face to make flowers.Paint your face red and brown with black spots.
Make a few bright green leaves from the craft foam and nail them to the front of the sweat suit.Start with a purple sports suit.Blow up several purple balloons of the same size and attach them to the sweat coat with a small safety pin.Finish the look with a green knit cap and attach a few green felt leaves.
A big garbage bag is made of two leg holes.Let the child walk into the bag and then add the crumpled newspaper ball to keep it round.Make two sleeve holes on each side and fix them on the neck.
An old dress with broken socks and slippers.Curlers on hair or white wigs.Glasses, black teeth, old wallet.Hawaiian shirts or other loud clothes, cameras, hats with pins everywhere, maps out of their pockets, sunglasses.Sweat set with your choice of crayons color.
Design a crayon package from the poster board, felt or craft foam, and apply or nail on the sweat-proof clothing.Add a like-Color flower pot for the hat, or use a large circular poster board to cut from the edge to the center to make a pointed hat.Nail the hat with a wide elastic and secure it under the child's chin.
Start with your selection of sweat-proof clothing, put pins on small clothing such as socks, hats, gloves and underwear, and attach a few dryer sheets.A hat-long sweat coat in the right color (white cow, pink pig, brown dog.It is modified with felt scraps to form spots, ears, tails, etc.
Clothing-Put on your clothes and hat back and sunglasses on the back of your head and say "treat or joke!Tear a white sheet into strips.Paint your face white with white paint and spray your hair white.Smear under the eyes.Children wearing long white underwear are wrapped in sheets, fixed with transparent medical tape, and both eyes and mouth are open.
The white sweat-proof suit spread a layer of tulle wings on the shaped cloakrack.The sparkling headband is made of a wire ring covered with foil and a colored curling tape.The wand is made of thin stakes with cardboard stars attached to one end, painted in silver or gold and added glitter and curly ribbons.
Clown -A coat of sweat with colored felt or fabric painted dots.A clown collar made of felt triangles is circled around the child's neck.Colorful clown wigs, nose and oversized glasses.
The simple blue crosses the eyes, the red cheeks and the big red mouth.White sweat set, chef's hat, big wooden spoon, recipe under the arm, curly hair painted on the face.The pants are too small, the shirt buckle is wrong, the Pocket Guard, the hair is combed back, the old glasses with tape, the white socks, the big textbooks that can be carried under the arm.
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