blow up run through tunnels Seven Thoughts on Our First Hell-Ride Through Filmmaking

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-06-02
blow up run through tunnels Seven Thoughts on Our First Hell-Ride Through Filmmaking
The following is written because I don't know that I only made and directed a movie, and the arrogance of making and directing only one movie.1.The Cuban missile crisis is happening every day: your world may explode.Shooting an independent film is less stable than a drunken dictator grabbing his back with a nuclear stick.
The whole project will become very comfortable at any time.Why?Because film making is an interdependent relationship, in which everyone, everything depends on another thing.If an actor breaks down and the grip truck explodes, the police will stumble across your guerrilla florists site in downtown Los Angeles and the supplier will leave for a mayonnaise sandwich in the sun all afternoon, or your financier grabbed his wife in the club sauna with a golf pro Reggie, so he quit within a week--If these realistic scenes appear-In a wasteland of doom.
Moreover, every Sunday school students know that apocalypse is always bad.2.Surround yourself with gray hair and listen.Making movies is team art.So why not build the most experienced team?People with gray hair tend to have more experience than people without hair.
Of course, some people color their hair.
Of course, not everyone is gray.
Of course, some rookies have gray hair.
to impart.
If you are open to gray, you will provide great service to yourself and your audienceWhen you solve the most troublesome problem of your life, hair advice.If you choose not to listen to the sages, then reinvent the wheel anyway and see if it turns.3.Don't wait for the phone.When you stare at the phone, the phone will never ring.
We don't know why, but we think it's against the second or third law of communication.You have to make thousands of calls in order to make your movie.If you leave a message and wait for that person to call you back.
-You 'd better wait for the cow to jump off the moon.At first, no one will care about your dreams except you.Nobody.Of course, you want to give people a reasonable time to call you back, like about half an hour.
Call your friends and call your future.
Keep ruthless.
Rely on no one.
Have you ever seen a dog?They ran and did not know where they were going or why their tongue was sticking out ---Just a destination somewhere on the other side of blizzard.If you are not ruthless, you will never leave Blizzard and your movie will never be made.Such a sled dog--and MUSH ON!5.Only solution.This is easily named "only problem ".But where will we be?Depressed, desperate, drunk.
So we need to find a way.
No matter what.
In order to pursue our dreams, we have ruined our credit and exhausted our savings.So we have to find solutions to every problem, and these solutions are the same.If you focus on the difficulties rather than the way out, then your movie will fail.
There is always a solution.
Spend the money of financiers as their own: Don't be scum.Karma will come to mind at this point.But let's say that you don't believe in this spiritual irony.Fine.You still want to save your budget and spend it on important things ---What's on the screen, not sushi dinner and a dropThere are 20 inch rims on the top.
You 've been hungry for years, so the temptation to spend a little money on you and your friends will be there.But don't rationalize the waste of the rich.The money is for you to make the best movie.
Your movie will last forever.
Sushi will last for a few hours, and depending on your driving skills, the car will either be crashed, stolen or taken back.You want to build trust with your financiers.Along the way, you may need to go back to them for more financing.
You want to make another movie.
If you spend your budget strictly, not only will you make a better film, but you will also show future investors your extraordinary ability to make a lot of money from a little bit.More importantly, you will not be a scum.If you are lucky, you may get some good karma.7.Either you are there or you are blocking the road.
Don't waste time trying to change everyone.You're a filmmaker, not Jesus Christ.In order for your team members to join in, you don't need to cross the water.There is no need to have lengthy debates with people who don't believe in your goals.
Thank you for your comments and move on.
Find believers and spend time with them.
Your time is all you have and you need all the time to make your movie.©2009 Logan and Noah Miller, author of "either you're on or you're on the road": two brothers, 12 months, one movie making hell --
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