blow up party rentals Surprise Party Ideas for a 25th Anniversary

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-28
The 25 th anniversary of marriage is a big deal.If you know a couple who are about to celebrate a marriage milestone, please give them a surprise party and let them know how their love is celebrated.The first step in planning a successful surprise party is to choose a theme.
Of course, you can simply pick up some paper plates and buy a cake, but in order to make it very special and memorable, choose a theme that interests the couple or relates to the anniversaryYou have a few options.Because it's their silver wedding anniversary.The theme party is perfect.Decorated with silver elements.Cover the table with silver cloth.Fill the silver balloons with helium and float in the room so they cover the ceiling.
Tie a silver ribbon on the back of the chair.Take the couple for a walk along memory lane and start their wedding again.Bring linen, balloons and other decorative elements in the same color as used in the wedding.
Create a central piece featuring wedding flowers.You can even make copies of their wedding cake.Hold a party according to the location of their honeymoon trip.
For example, if they go to Italy, enlarge the photos of the Coliseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa and show them in the area.Italian dishes are served.When you have chosen a topic, decide where you will proceed with it.Hold a party at your house for a more intimate feel.
You do not have to pay the rental fee and will not be limited to any specific time frame.But if your home is not big enough or you prefer something more formal, consider having a party at a restaurant.While this can cost more, you don't have to prepare food or clean it up.
Of course, you will need to keep the party pleasantly surprised and you will have to figure out how to show the surprise to the valued guests when the time comes.When sending out invitations, let the guests know that this is a surprise.Also, ask them to arrive at least half an hour before the anniversary date and park their car outside of view.
Keep your poker face on the day things happen.If the party is at your home, please come over for coffee or a bottle of celebratory wine.Make sure the curtains are closed so that the couple will not find the guests when they go to your house.
As soon as they enter the door, let your guests cheer for them.Unfortunately, if your party is in a restaurant, the couple may find them as soon as you and your guests enter the door.If so, let the hostess take them to your table and greet the couple with warm hugs and cheers.
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