blow up games for parties Games for Kids on New Years Eve

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-24

New Year's Eve parties are always fun, but providing games for children present can be a challenge.If the children are unhappy, usually the parents are not particularly happy, so it is also in the best interest of the host to provide the children with entertainment.Create an indoor volleyball court.Remove all fragile items from the room and fasten the standard volleyball net in the center of the room.Divide the children into two teams.Blow up latex balloons with festive New Year's Eve colors such as black, silver, white and gold.Let the kids throw balloons back and forth online, volleyball style, make sure the balloons don't fall on the floor.Hold a handmade party on New Year's Eve.Party hats, glitter, glue, stickers, ribbons, cut shapes and other decorations are available.Set up a work area for the kids and cover a large table with a disposable tablecloth or old sheets.Allow the children to make their own beautiful party hats.Do this craft at the beginning of the party and let the glue dry completely.Hold the most creative, festive, ingenious, fun and unusual party hat contest when the party hat is completely dry.Candy or small gifts are offered as prizes.Arrange a large circle chair for the music chair to make sure the chair is one less than the child.Play New Year's Eve theme music such as "Final Countdown", "1999", "This is a very good year" and "Celebration "."Allow the children to play the music chair in the normal way, and remove a chair after each turn.Reward the last child with a customized CD of the music played in the game.At the end of the evening, a coin throwing event was held for the children.Arrange several pots or bowls along the walls.Lots of pennies on hand!Give each child a predetermined number of pennies (5, 10, 25, etc ).) And allow them to throw coins into a jar or bowl.Once the child has thrown out the coin, they can put the coin on the plate as a treat.Children can play a lot of toys and games.People who do not want to participate in structured activities can show the storage of toys and allow them to play on their own.Or, schedule a free timefor-When all children can play with any toy of their choice.Balls, cars and trucks, games, puzzles and coloring supplies are a great choice for freefor-all.
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