blow up games for parties Birthday Party Games for Teens

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-23

Teen birthday party games can be challenging as they need to be recognized by parents and teens.Having teenagers play games will keep them busy and busy throughout the party.Playing games also gives teenagers who don't know each other a chance to learn more about each other.Try these games at your next teen birthday party.You need Balloons, paper, pens and creative bold ideas for this game.Write a different dare on a small piece of paper.Slide dares (one for each balloon) into the balloon before you blow it.Let all the teenagers sit around and the balloons are scattered in the middle.Let an adult choose the first person to go at random.Teenagers will walk to the center and catch a balloon.Once a teenager chooses a balloon, she will pop the balloon and must dare to do it on paper.Some bold suggestions include going out and popping up a water ball on your head, doing a funky dance move, or telling a secret about yourself.Make an identical treasure hunt list for each team that will play.Each team needs at least two teams and one adult.Suggested items on the list include nail polish, old shoes, straps-Aid, Bobby Ping, candy wrappers, nail clippers and birthday cards.Warn neighbors about what is happening and Mark other houses that are willing to participate with balloons.The team that completed the treasure hunt list first and returned to the House won the game.An index card and 10 stickers are required for each guest.Put 10 stickers of the same type on the back of each guest.Make sure no 10 stickers are the same.Examples of sticker groups are apples, smiley faces, dogs or rainbows.Give each player an index card to collect stickers.The purpose of the game is to mix with other players and get a sticker from all the other players on your index card without being noticed to take the sticker away.If the player notices that you are trying to take his sticker, you must return it.The first player to get a sticker from other players will win the game.Divide the teenagers into two groups.Let each team stand in a circle, hand in hand.Ask the two teenagers in each circle to let go of each other's hands and put a hula hoop on their arms.Tell them to join hands again and get ready for the game.The purpose is to let the hula hoop round and not let the other hand leave.The team that won the hula hoop along the way won the game first.Pair a teenager, preferably a boy and a girl or two girls.Play in a room with makeup but no mirrors.Girls will do their best to make up without a mirror.A partner can guide her but can't help her with makeup.Best/worst makeup work award.
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