blow up games for parties Birthday Party Games for a 4-Year-Old

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-23

If you're dealing with a dozen or fouryear-Don't despair, old people.Children of this age are eager to play, and as long as you don't give them tasks beyond their skill level, they are easy to please.So let your birthday child invite a large number of friends.With these games, you have it.Divide the children into two groups, each with an even number of children.(An adult can jump in if you don't have an even number, or a birthday child can go twice.) Teams lined up in pairs.Draw a line, or place a mark 20 feet away from the starting line.Give each team a balloon.The pair must compete with the mark, marking the next pair in their team.The trick is that they need to hold the balloon between their foreheads.No hands!This is an interesting game.Let the children sit around and put a bowl of packaged candy (fools, foodies) in the middle ).Remove as many matching image sets as possible from a pair of Go Fish cards, just like you have kids at a party.Separate the pair of cards and make two identical cards.Distribute the cards from a deck to the children.Take a card from the remaining deck.Kids with matching cards can take candy from the bowl.Keep playing until every kid has candy.Blow two balloons to each child at the party.Put a rubber band on the end.Put the rubber band on the child's ankle so that they have a balloon on each ankle.The purpose of the game is to step on the balloons of other children in order to pop up the balloons (make sure the children wear shoes ).The last child who did not pop up the balloon won.Spread the children in the play area.Throw the handkerchief into the air.The children must giggle while it is still in the air, but once the handkerchief lands, they must remain silent.Anyone who is still laughing is out of the game.Throw the handkerchief again and continue to play until there is only one child left.This version of the music chair eliminates push and contention for location.Take a piece of construction paper for each child and number a large number of documents.Put the same number of numbered notes into a small bowl.Put the square in a circle. there is a child in each square.When the music was played, the children walked around the circle and walked from the square to the square.The children stopped when the music stopped.Draw a number from the bowl.The child went out.Remove that Square from the game and start over.
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