blow up games for adults Valentine's Day Games for Church Groups

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-29
Valentine's Day activities for church groups should be relaxed and pleasant, suitable for people of all ages.If you have a big group, try to divide it into two groups, play two different games and switch them so everyone has a chance to play two games.Put a row of chairs at one end of a large open room.
About 5 feet metres from the first row, place the second row of chairs, and then place the third row of chairs from the second row of 5 feet metres.The first row of chairs will remain empty, while the second row has two cookies on each chair, and the third row has a deflated balloon on each chair.Pair the group with a boy/girl pair and tie one hand of each teammate to the other with packing tape.
Let everyone stand against the wall in front of the first row of chairs.Say \"Go!"The couple will scramble to sit on the first row of chairs and they will have to take off their shoes and then sit in a chair so that their feet will not touch the ground.After you give OK, the couple will walk to the next chair where each of them has to eat cookies.
When they get to the last chair, they have to blow the balloon up until it explodes.First of all, complete a pair of all the tasks, always tie their hands together and win.Give kids something related to Valentine's Day, like a box of chocolate or homemade heart --shaped cookies.
Bring cheap lipstick and plain white paper.Distribute a piece of paper to everyone and instruct each member of the group to apply some lipstick (which you bring or their own) and then kiss the paper (before applying lipstick, people can wipe lipstick with paper towels ).Then, let everyone write down their names gently with a pencil on the back of the paper.
Collect each paper kiss, mix them up and stick them on the wall.From the first, number each person.Next, let the group write down the numbers and then the names of the people they think correspond to the lips.The person who gets the most correct "paper kiss" wins.
Play a modified version of this classic game, fill an empty clean bottle with a big mouth (like a juice bottle) and complete various tasks such as, "kneeling in front of the opposite sex, show them how you will propose "or" sing a verse in a love song "or" list three songs with love in the title.Then divide you into two groups.Put everyone in a circle and let someone start by spinning the bottle.Whoever points at the top of the bottle has to pull out a task and finish it properly to earn points for their team.
After the task is completed successfully, take out the note.At the end of the game, the team with the most points won
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