blow up football tunnel What lies beneath: the final hours of Derrinallum's Glenn Sanders

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blow up football tunnel What lies beneath: the final hours of Derrinallum\'s Glenn Sanders
Glen Sanders usually sleeps late.He has a habit of staying up late in hisxa0Shedxa0He is watching his property closely.He is paranoid that people go out and catch him, or steal his things, or take him away and lock him up.CCTV cameras around the farm are not enough.
xa0He felt he needed to stay up all night to look after the place.But on his last day, Glen got up before eleven o'clock A.M.-an unusual early morning for him.According to Glenn's best friend, Andrew.xa0Glen Farm has been one of the few regulars in the past few months.
xa0Glen's lifexa0Wake-up-The ceremony included a cup of chocolate Nesquik and ice poison smoke (aka Ice) coming out of his glass tube aisle ).Mr Breen said that Glen was taking the drug "probably every two hours" because Glenn claimed it would help him get his job done and stay awake at night."We will try to do something," said Mr Breen, "and he will" blink of an eye "and then go and take another ice because he is tired .
"Then he will come back (shoot) and say 'Okay, what are we doing? '?’.Ice is a factor that has led to a decline in his mental state, which has deteriorated significantly since the death of his second wife, Shirley, in 2012.Glen is paranoid and paranoid.He believes a group of Indian swindlers he calls "Bundies" are trying to take his property.
He claimed to have heard people talking about him on CFA radio at three o'clock A.M.He heard gunfire on the roof, saying it was police.He believes someone traded on the Stock Exchange under the name of his dead wife.
He felt that the people of derenalem went out to find him and spread rumors about him.He was convinced that the police were trying to frame him and that the "man in white big coats" would throw him into a cell with padding.He said CIA and ASIO were flying drones over his house.
It was this complex area of persecution that led to Glenn wearing improvised explosive devices in her bra.This is a mixture of the explosive gel and the explosive line, with three triggersxa0He has one on each chest and one on each shoulder.In about 12 months he will show the bra to people, either scaring them or letting them know his secret.
xa0He explained the use of the two shoulder switches.xa0They did so that he could detonate the device by tilting his head when his hands were tied or handcuffed.Some people think it's a real deal and some think it's a bluff.
Most of the time he was wearing a bra with an improvised explosive device.He wore it on the last day.The day before, Glen imprisoned his friend Gary Poolexa0The mechanic pit at Glen workshop, Mr. spopur with liquefied petroleum gas.Glen is very paranoid.xa0Why are people spreading rumors that Glen is a pedophile?he asked.
Why are they talking about him?Why did everyone come out to find him?Mr Poole ran away and faced Glen, who said he was willing to take a local child hostage to get the answer he thought he deserved.Glen showed Mr. Poole the bra for the improvised explosive device.Mr. Poole was shocked by his encounter with Glen and contacted the police.
Police know that Glen's increasingly strange behavior and that he was wearing a bra that was supposed to be an improvised explosive device, but no one was willing to put on the record and not commit a crime until then.But the incident with Mr Poole crossed a line.So when Glen was driving his 1974 brown Chrysler sedan for the last time in April 11 out of his normally locked farm gate, police were watching.
The arson and bombing team has been sorting out an archive of Glenn in public based on unconfirmed reports of wearing explosives.But the incident with Mr. Poole escalated the situation.Glenn deployed a surveillance team as he drove to Ballarat.First Glenxa0He went to soverforeign Hill, where he was observed to be "looking around nervously and acting suspiciously ".
Hexa0Then drive to the service station and visit.xa0His brother.xa0Andrew SandersThe brothers and sisters have been estranged for 15 years, but since their mother was diagnosed with cancer, they have contacted again.Andrew heard on the trail that his brother was paranoid and had mental health problems, but when they started meeting at the hospital at the time of the visit, he saw it with his own eyes.
Glen told him about the theory of the Indian liar, about how he extracted the $250,000 that his late wife had left him and buried it in his property, in this way, "Bundies" will not be able to tell about how ASIO and the CIA are monitoring him through satellites or computers.On March 31, Glen raised his shirt at the hospital and showed Andrew the improvised explosive device bra.Andrew informed the police.Ten days later, Mr. Poole contacted Andrew and told him about the incident that occurred in the pit of the mechanic earlier in the day, as well as Glenn's threat to a local child.
Mr Poole told Andrew that the police had stepped in now and would "go down" soon ".So when Glenn appeared at Andrew's Ballarat house in April 11, Andrew was wary.Strangely, Glen was very calm and relaxed.
Glen hasxa0Brought some magazines to Andrew, saying they reminded him of "the good times of the past ".Before telling Andrew that he was in trouble, he asked Andrew to look after the magazine.He told his brother that he would not be around again, but he never had any hostility towards his brother.
Glen left soon.
When Andrew left his brother in his last car, he saw Glen crying.Shortly afterwards, the police contacted Andrew to ask if he had any visitors.Andrew told them what was going on and confirmed Glen was wearing an improvised explosive device bra.
Glen arrived at St.
John's God's hospital in Ballarat shortly after visiting his mother.He spoke to her for the last time and gave her a note.Written in Glen's messy scribbles, it details all the people he thinks will go to him.
This is a rambling,xa0There was a ridiculous, almost unrecognizable window in his head.He asked his mother to keep it for him.Meanwhile, police are on high alert.Glen did not know that two police officers followed him into the hospital but kept the distance.They don't want to approach Glen in densely populated places like hospitals.
Police are advised to do whatever is necessary if Glen becomes a threat, but for the time being they are watching and waiting.Goodbye to Glen.xa0Left the hospital around four o'clock P.M.He drove to boning, still wearing a bra for improvised explosive devices, and bought a timer and a 10 kg chlorine container.
Then he bought groceries an hour before he started.Drive back to Derrinallum for a long time.He's probably home.xa0Shortly after six o'clock P.M., the police built a safe wall around his farm.
The police were told that Glen's house was Buby's.Trapped, explosives on the property.Glen's licence to use explosives was revoked on September.xa0Worksafe seized explosive material from his property,xa0They don't seem to get everything.
Worksafe inspector Alison Dennis said, "I am unable to complete a detailed search due to the clutter of items and debris in this area", estimatedxa0It takes a week to search Glen's studioxa0Alone.But no matter how long Worksafe has been searching there, it's impossible for them to find everything.Glen buried two containers behind his cabin, which could be accessed through a hidden hatch.
There is also an underground bunker behind the old dairy farm.It is reported that in his pantry there is an electric switch connected to gelignite.April 10-xa0The day before Glen's last day-Mr.
Poole noted 1000A gallon of fuel tank is placed on a metal plate in a shed in Glen, and it feels strange.After the event, Mr. Poole looked at aerial photographs of Glen's property after the explosion and said the location of the tank seemed to be the epicenter of the explosion.Mr. Breen also recalled a tank that Glenn was talking about, which was initially buried in a gravel pit opposite Glenn farm.
Glen claims enough explosives to blow up the top of Elephant Hill.Around 6.At 30 p.m. on April 11, the police drove to Sanders's property to get to his mother's house along the driveway before returning to the second lane so they could see Glen's house better.They stopped by the bomb.Before driving through the front door and further parking along the driveway, a mailbox was shaped and checked to make sure it was not a real bomb.
Aroundxa0Glen walked to his front door at seven o'clock P.M.He then disappeared from the field of view, which is believed to have started the timer at this point, followed by a huge explosion that would destroy the building on his property and hurt two police officers.Glen then walked out the front door with a can of drink and torch.
The police told him not to go about 15 metres away from the police, although it looked "weird" and "rambling", Glen agreed.He was asked to take off his loose velvet shirt.Half-an-An hour later, Glenn showed them the improvised explosive device bra and the ignition switch.
Over the next six hours, he was repeatedly asked to dismantle the improvised explosive device and lay on the ground.xa0But refused."I won't do that --xa0"The only way out is when it explodes," Glen told a negotiator .".During that time, Glen basically stayed in the same place and occasionally sat down or squatted down when his legs were tired.
For the two negotiators (there was a shift due to the protracted nature of the siege)xa0He talked a lot.xa0His late wife, his family, his car, his motorcycle,xa0His time as a mechanicHe also expressed his distrust of the government and his concerns about surveillance.He denied suffering from mental illness, but said he had spent some time in a mental health institution.
The negotiators have established a good relationship, Glen is very talkative, but there is an inevitable feeling on behalf of Glen."It will definitely end tonight," Glen said, adding that he was worried because "it will hurt ".Negotiators often ask Glenn to surrender.xa0Take down the improvised explosive device and point out that they want to help him.
But Glenn evaded in his answer.
Once Glen asked him if he could take three steps back."I don't want to hurt you," he said.Sometimes he gets fidgety and even counts down from 10 and threatens to blow up the unit but he doesn't pull the trigger.Sometimes he cries.Sometimes he laughs.Who's going to go out and find him?Occasionally he made a joke with the negotiators.
Sometimes he asks the time, or how long they talk.After the event, the police realized that he might have been counting down until his explosives exploded.At 1.At twenty o'clock A.M. in the afternoon, when Glen spoke to a bargaining representative, there was a massive explosion at Glen's house.
The night was short, and a huge fireball shot into the sky.One official noted that Glen did not take any action to launch the explosion.xa0In fact, Glennxa0The explosion looked surprised.
After a few seconds, nothing was said,xa0Glenn raised his arms and activated his equipment.There was a big flash and Glen was gone.Subsequently, the house explosion triggered five other smaller explosions around the property.Two.xa0Officers on the east side of the farm were injured in the explosion, one of whom was seriously injured in the head.
Both were taken to hospital.
Police on duty at a roadblock about seven kilometers away felt the earth shaking from the power of the explosion and saw an orange glow in the direction of Glen Farm.The impact of Glenn's deathxa0Will echo in the community for many years.There are even absurd rumors in town that Glen survived, disappeared into a secret tunnel, waiting for him to come back and retaliate and blow up derenalem.
It still bothers those people.
A police officer said he was shocked and deeply affected by Glen's death.Members of the Derrinallum community were very interested in following the cause of death investigation of the incident.In all of this there is a feeling of what people can do to help someone who doesn't want to be helped in the end.
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