blow up football pitch Why Do Short Sales Fail?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-13
blow up football pitch Why Do Short Sales Fail?
As a foreclosure investor engaged in short selling, you may already be faced with the failure of some transactions.There are many reasons why short selling failed --Even with all your hard work and diligence.Sometimes the deal fails, it's our fault, sometimes it's not.
Let's discuss five big issues that could lead to the failure of our next transaction.First of all, the most obvious deal killer is that we don't buy properties ourselves or third partiesBuyer is not realized.Second, the value of the broker price opinion (BPO) requested by the lender is too high for us to buy and resell, or too high to produce a thirdBuyer quote.
Third, the seller filed an unknown bankruptcy application at an untimely time under which the current buyer withdrew from the transaction and we were unable to find a new buyer before the foreclosure auction.Fourth, a judgment or lien that may arise only after the disclosure of the formal title work will destroy the transaction, because mathematically it makes no sense, or it takes more time to correct and negotiate a lien than the buyer can wait.Fifth, the mathematical errors that appear on the preliminary HUD sometimes cause your net profit to decrease when approaching the point where the transaction has no financial significance.
In general, my treatment for failed deals is to have a lot of deals in my pipeline.Keep in mind that I am fighting to the end to reach a deal.Losing a deal before the end of the deal is a bit like in 1-Yard line in "Big Game.
I realize, however, that these mistakes do exist.Even though we make less money than we did a few years ago, fixing and flipping the market is still profitable today.The key is to understand that we must work harder when calculating the quotation.
Note that the formula used to calculate a long-term quotationReal estate terms are completely unrelated to fixed and flipped formulas, and these transactions are often disastrous for unsuspecting investors.We discussed this more in the REI guidance program.Make our life easierWe can now give a quote and determine the exit strategy in a few seconds.
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